Golfinity Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Going

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Although I am not the biggest Golf fan out there and I’ve never played it for real, I must admit that I love playing the sport every now and then on my iPhone. Golfinity allows me to play and endless golf match and it has all sorts of great challenges to make me raise my brow and say: well done! Today, however, I am to take a break from playing and move to sharing with you some Golfinity cheats and tips to help you keep going and hit that hole in as few moves as possible.

So without further ado, let’s check out below some Golfinity cheats and tips for all players!

Start by seeing the whole course
You don’t have to blindly hit the ball hoping that you send it to the right direction: every time a new level starts, hit the small minus key in the bottom left corner to see the entire course and plan your moves.

Set your markers
I usually like to create my own shot markers per each level to make things easier for me: find a corner on the course where you will stretch your shot to, or whatever you can find to know how far you have to pull on your shot to get it perfectly done. This will help you tremendously!

Go for the risky shots
I guess that Golfinity is all about the risky shots. Find the areas where you can send your ball flying and take advantage of them. Using these areas can help you complete the stage in just one move or as few moves as possible. Rinse and repeat!

Don’t be afraid to replay
Actually, I highly recommend you to do so as early as possible and complete each level in as few moves as possible. Use the first or maybe first two plays to learn how and where to shoot, then replay and complete the level like a pro. Things get more and more difficult as you progress through the levels, so you need all the quick early wins!

Powerful shots are usually better
I rarely found a reason to go for short, extremely accurate shots. Instead, going for the more powerful shots usually gives better results. Just make sure that you follow the tips listed above and get that perfect powerful shot. You’ll love to see that ball go in with just one shot after some practice.

So there are our Golfinity tips and tricks! If you have other suggestions for fellow players, let us know.


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