No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Farming Guide to Maximize Coin Gains

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The latest expansion brought in to No Man’s Sky has brought me back to the game and I was extremely pleased to see that No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises is a much better version of the game I stopped playing a while ago. With many new mechanics, concepts and things to do, Atlas Rises takes the game a level higher and makes it a lot better.

It gives you a lot of chances to increase your finances as well by improving the concept of farming. And in today’s article, we’re going to share with you a complete farming guide for No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises, so that you know what you should do to maximize coin gains.

Because, yes, farming is fun and setting everything up is worth your time, but it also has to be as profitable as possible. So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below our farming guide to make more money in No Man’s Sky!

Building base & setting up the farm

In order to become an intergalactic farmer, you need to set up base first. This can be done either on a planer or on a Freighter, but I would definitely recommend the former because it offers the most options overall and makes farming a lot easier. Ideally, you’ll go for a planet that supports rich flora, but in the end any planet will do!

Once you have set up your home base, you will need to visit one of the nearby systems and hire a Gek as your farming consultant. This will allow you to build the Agricultural Terminal which allows you to start the farming process.

Once you’ve done this, it’s indicated to build a Bio Dome where you will grow your plants. This is not a must if your home planet’s ground is suitable for sustaining your crops, but it’s indicated.

Note: You can also set up your farm on a Freighter, but in this case you will have to build Hydroponics Trays for your crops and deliver carbon isotopes constantly. Too time consuming, in my opinion and not worth the trouble. But you have this option as well.

Farming in No Man’s Sky

At the moment of writing this guide, there are 12 different things you can farm in the game, but more will most likely be added by future updates.

In order to start farming, you will need the seeds for the crops and the easiest way to achieve them is from your Farming Consultant Gek. Some plants will need several minutes to mature, while others will require more, the maximum being 40 minutes.

Each plant has its own Pros and Cons, especially because they can be used to produce different items you might or might not need, but which can be sold for nice money!

Below is a list of the crops currently available in No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises, the time they need to reach maturity and products you can craft using them, as well as advice on the profits you might end up getting:

Carrion Root
Material: Mordite
Time: 6 minutes
Crafts: Acid (together with Fungal Mold)
Money: You can sell acid for around 150k coins, or use it with other items to produce better items and sell them for more.

Material: Cactus Flesh
Time: 8 minutes
– Unstable Gel
– Poly Fibre (with Solanium)
– Insulating Gel (with Fungal Mold)
Money: Since you can get the Unstable Gel easily, you can focus on selling that for about 80k. The more advanced crafts sell for much more, but it all depends on the materials you have on hand. All in all, the cactus is a great crop to grow!

Coprite Orb
Material: Coprite
Time: 10 minutes
– Liquid Explosive (with Soalnium)
– Lubricant (with Gamma Roots)
Money: The lubricant sells for around 150k, but not really worth the while. Explosive is the star here.

NipNip Sprouts
Material: Nip Nip Buds
Time: 12 minutes
– GekNip
Money: You can’t smoke them, but you can eat them! Or at least the Gek can, and they will pay around 20k for this.

Gamma Weed
Material: Gamma Roots
Time: 12 minutes
– Lubricant (with Coprite)
– Non-ferrous Plate (With Marrow Bulb)
Money: The lubricant sells for around 150k, while the Plate sells for around 30k. Not worth your time.

Solar Vine
Material: Solanium
Time: 14 minutes
– Poly Fibre (with Cactus Flesh)
– Explosive (with Coprite)
Money: You can sell the Fibre for around 200k, which is really nice money!

Material: Frost Crystal
Time: 15 minutes
– Glass
Money: Glass sells for around 25k, but it’s an overall easy process so you can make some nice, quick money here.

Fungal Cluster
Material: Fungal Mould
Time: 16 minutes
– Acid (with Mordite)
– Insulating gel (Cactus Flesh)
Money: Acid sells for about 150k, while the Insulating gel can give you over 800k!

Gravitino Orb
Material: Gravitino Ball
Time: 20 minutes
Crafts: nothing
Money: Even though you can’t craft anything with these, you can sell them at around 10k per Gravitino Ball.

Albumen Pearl Orb
Material: Albumen Pearl
Time: 20 minutes
Crafts: nothing
Money: Just like the Gravitino balls, these can be sold directly for more coins: about 25k a piece

Star Bramble
Material: Star Bulb
Time: 30 minutes
Crafts: nothing
Money: Also sells directly at around 2.5k per piece. But it produces many units!

Venom Urchin
Material: Sac Venom
Time: 40 minutes
Crafts: nothing
Money: Sell these for 7k a piece

What should you farm to maximize profits?

It’s pretty obvious that farming the crops that give you elements you can use to craft things in the game is the better option here. You also need to be around the base for longer periods of time in order to collect constantly, which might be a Con, but if you’re looking for some quick and easy money, this is what you should do!

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow players looking to make some quick coins while farming in No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises? Let us know by commenting below!


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