MMA Manager: Tips, Guide and Cheats

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MMA Manager by Prey Studios is a really cool strategy and management game that challenges you to build a gym full of fighters and turn them into the best available in the world.

And since doing that is not the easiest thing in the world, we’re here to help you out with some MMA Manager tips and cheats in a full guide written for beginners and more advanced players alike.

And since most of the time you will be training your players to focus on punch, kick, grab and so on, let’s just make sure that you do it properly and your fighting styles are chosen flawlessly in order to improve your chances of winning.

Without further ado, let’s check out the MMA Manager guide below!

1. Ensure you get a headstart in the game

For a good jumpstart, it is worthy to spend your premium currency for 20,000 cash which you can use to speed up your training by hiring more trainers and getting higher tier equipment for your fighter.

The more expensive the package, the bigger the discount you can get. So in case you want to spend cash, get the highest package. In my case, I have used my free premium credits to convert on 20,000 cash and put that money to work instantly.

2. Go for the cheaper trainers first, upgrade later

If you just started playing the game, there’s no real need to go for the more expensive, higher tier trainers just yet.

Interesting is also the fact that the lower tier trainers are actually created to help new players: they train a lot faster than higher tier ones, but on the other hand, they max out pretty quickly so they are not extremely useful in the long run.

There is a stat cap for every trainer and high tier trainers have higher stats but longer training time. However, since you’re just starting to plat, it will be a while before you even reach that cap… so don’t worry about going for the lower tier trainers first and save your money for when the more expensive ones are really worth it.

3. Micromanage training

You can maximize the training and time spent doing this if you are going to plan it acdordinglt.

You have to plan the way you are going to play the game. In case that you are available to play the game for hours at a time and check the game constantly, go for short term training.

If you are not going to play MMA Manager for hours, longer training will benefit you.

Later on in the game, short term training will not be able to do the job so this will work on early to mid game only – but it is still extremely useful when it comes to building up your fighters.

4. Follow the questline (and achievements)

If you don’t want to spend your free soon and you are planning to go for bigger packages, you can get more premium credits from completing your quest and achievements.

This will be also your guide on how you are going to progress in the game, so it’s obviously a win-win situation.

Aside from premium currency, you can also get cash and popularity here. Though there are achievements that are difficult to complete, this will be a good challenge so you have to focus on this.

5. Remember, the game is a matter of stats

You have to accept the fact that it is really unlikely that you will be able to build a fighter than can beat any type of opponent and focusing on a single stat won’t increase your chances greatly.

You can’t say that you are going to focus on kick or grab and you can win the game all the way. That is not the case here.

Build a balanced fighter, with values as high as possible in as many areas as possible. When the match-up begins, you’re basically pitting your stats against your opponent and the bigger numbers win. It’s easy like that!

And these would be for now our MMA Manager tips. Do you have any new ones to add? Share them with us in the comment section below.


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