Iron Saga Tips & Guide on How to Play the Game Better

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In our article today we will cover all of the Iron Saga tips and tricks that you need to know, so that you can assemble a strong team and get as strong as possible before everybody else does it.

This mecha battle game is not only fun, but the action, dialogue and the entire game is made in such an interesting and fun way that it will most likely keep you glued to your device for hours.

Well, it did happen to me at least, and being the big anime fan that I am, the entire game storyline felt like exactly what I wanted from such a game!

But enough with the praising for that (beautiful anime games always get me excited) – you came here to learn all the Iron Saga tips and tricks that you need to know, so let’s not waste another second and do just that!

1. Iron Saga: Best 3 starting pilots?

Well, in all honesty, all of them are good, and you will most likely get all of them eventually, so when it comes to the first 3 picks, just make sure that you pick the three that you like the most at first glance, because they are all just as good.

The best thing about this is that once you will do your very first 10x gacha draw, you will receive a guaranteed one of the three characters that you have selected, so it’s pretty important that you choose ones which you like.

If you were to hear my recommendations, however, these would be some of the heroes that I would go for: Matilda, Linda, Vesper, Hong Xiao Yu, Oboro, Wood, Slokai.

2. Progress through the stages

You should go ahead and start progressing through the stages as much and as fast as you can, because the more you advance and pass more stages, the faster you will level up and receive all the rewards that you need.

One other good reason to go through and progress by playing the game’s stages is because the rewards you can receive from them are pretty good, and the EXP will help you unlock some more features by letting you level up fast.

Extra tip here:

I suggest that you play up to the stage that you can’t progress anymore, then start making upgrades to the pilots / mechas, then try again. And in the meantime make sure that you do the 1800 Diamonds gacha and get some new pilots.

3. Save up Diamonds for recruitment

There are a couple of things that you can spend your Diamonds on, so if you want to make a proper team, I would suggest spending your Diamonds on these:

Do the 10x summon for 1800 Diamonds

This will be your first encounter with one of the three characters that you have chosen at the very beginning, and it will give you some pretty good loot for the discounted price of 1800 Diamonds, which is one time only.

Afterwards, this feature will cost 2000 Diamonds and the chances of you getting a good pilot are not guaranteed. So in my opinion that’s one of the best things you can do early on.

Get the free summons in the Store

When you check out the Store option you will have a couple of free summons every day. Make sure that you claim them and see if you get any good mechas from them, because even though the chances are not sky high, they still do exist.

Visit New Comer’s Market

This is one of the best ways to get a couple of good mechas in game. The New Comer’s Market will let you try and get some good SSS Mechas for discounted price of Diamonds, so the first summon is 60 Diamonds, second 120 Diamonds.

Try to do this once you have summoned the 1800 Diamonds pilot gacha because it will be a good way to try and get some powerful mecha for them.

4. Be active on the battlefield

This is something that I thought was not really important, but in fact it is extremely important!

Because the mechas are moving on their own, they might actually get in range of the enemy flurry of attacks or in order dangerous place, so I suggest that you are playing actively and not stay there being a sitting duck.

Dodge incoming attacks

You can move your characters by dragging them across the screen from one point to the other, in order t avoid the incoming attacks. I suggest that you do this because in certain cases and most often in the boss fights you will have a pretty difficult time tanking everything and surviving.

In my opinion you should try to move them at all times because that way the enemies will more often than not miss on you.

Go pick up the drops

Sometimes the enemies will drop some stuff which can be pretty useful. I suggest that you keep an eye on them because the drops can be anything, from shield to HP packs which recover a wounded ally’s health. All you need to do is keep an eye on where they drop and head on there to pick them up by walking over them.

Target the enemies yourself

Whenever you tap on an enemy, it will focus the attacks’ attention of your units to that enemy, so if you want to take out a certain opposing unit out first, you should make sure that you tap on it.

By doing that you will place a target on it and that will make all of your pilots attack them. I would recommend that depending on the type of fight you are in, you first eliminate the enemies which deal the most damage first (and are usually more squishy), then the tanks.

And if you are in a boss fight, you should try to take out the units next to that boss (if there are any) and then shift your attention towards the boss.

5. Enhance your crew

One super important thing you should take note of is that the Pilots as well as the mechas and everything else in the game can be upgraded / enhanced in multiple ways. You should always make sure that your mecha is well equipped, starting with the best ones you have.

Also, the pilots play a super important role so I would suggest that you equip the right pilots to the mechas which they will get the most benefit from. To do that, simply tap on each pilot to read their description, then do the same for the mechas.

Upgrade the mechas

You can upgrade the mechas by heading on to the Hangar -> Mecha and there you can see all of the units you have. Tap on the one you want to start upgrading and make sure that you have plenty of Primal Energy Cores to make the upgrades because those will run out pretty fast if you’re making upgrades constantly!

I suggest that you first make the recommended upgrade by tapping on the Upgrade button, then select the one which has the “Recommended” text above. After that, you can do the rest as well if you want to main that mecha. Just make sure that you make upgrades to your best mechas first, because the resources are scarce and you will want to have only the best in and not waste them on the trash mechas.

6. Take part in the in game events

There will be a few in game events which you can participate in, so I would suggest that you do so before they run out! That would apply for the time limited events, such as the Christmas Shop currently running in the game, which features Christmas skins for the characters!

But that aside, one thing you should always do is log in daily to the game to claim free login rewards. Those are definitely worth it, as well as the online rewards, so try to claim them whenever you have completed a new one.

Take a guess in the Guessing Arena and win Gold regardless

This is basically a “guess which mecha takes out the other first” type of game. It is a fun and useful feature because if you guess correctly, you win 50k Gold! If you are running low on Gold, then you can spend your attempts here trying to guess the outcomes! It’s a fun feature which also lets you take a glimpse into how some of the mechas work.

7. Check out the market wares

There are a couple of markets in the game which you should check out daily for useful offers, and those are the Black Market and the Coin Merchant. There you can find various daily offers and they are located in the Cafe tab.

I suggest that if you want to keep on upgrading the mechas, you save up the Primal Energy Cores that you get because they are going to make it so much better in the long run.

I would also advise you that you buy them using Alloy from the Black Market whenever you get a chance.

These would be our Iron Saga tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Are you curious about more of the game’s features or want to share a few of your own tips and tricks with us? Let us know down in the comments section below!


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