Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: Best Characters in the Game

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If you’re looking to build up the perfect team in Fire Emblem Heroes, look no further as we are here to help by sharing this Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List article. This way, you will know what heroes to choose and get into battle in order to progress faster and beat your enemies easily.

Have in mind that Fire Emblem Heroes is a game that constantly receives updates and things might change eventually, with heroes being nerfed or made better over time – or even with brand new heroes being released.

Even so, we truly believe that this tier list for Fire Emblem Heroes will provide more help than aimlessly wandering about in the game, not knowing exactly what to do and which path to follow.

And yes, there’s always a bit of subjectivity involved when creating a “best characters” list – so try not to be too unhappy if your favorite character isn’t ranking higher.

With these in mind, let’s check out below our Fire Emblem Heroes tier list!

Fire Emblem Heroes: SS Rank


Takumi, the Wild Card, is an archer, which makes it possible for him to attack opponents indirectly without any retaliation from the opponent.

Takumi can also counterattack from a short distance and this is the main difference between him and the rest of the Archers in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Hector has incredible Physical Attack and Physical Defense ratings when compared to the other Fire Emblem Heroes units. Even more, he can counterattack no matter the distance between him and his opponent.

He is weak, however, to Magic. It will be nice to have Fae or other healers near him so his full potential can be unlocked, but even so he remains one of the best heroes in the game.


Azura is abnormally strong against red units because of her “Sapphire Lance” that gives bonus if Azura is against a unit where she is at an advantage.

But even so, her biggest contribution to the team is her ability, Sing, which allows another unit to take another action on a single turn.

This is useful when killing a unit or helping low mobility characters like the armored knights to get the extra advantage in battle.

Fire Emblem Heroes: S Rank

Lyndis (Lyn)

The Lady of the Plains has high attack power and speed. Her ability allows her to deal a second blow to the enemy if that enemy has 50% or less HP. Thus, it is possible to defeat the opponent in just one turn.

She also has the ability to deal 2.5x more damage than her normal attacks. Lyn, however, is low on defense. So don’t use her to pursue a fleeing enemy unless no other enemies are in sight.


Ryoma can counterattack most of the time. His skill can activate regardless of the opponent’s range.

This means archers and mages can be killed by Ryoma even when they are a few squares away, which gives you a massive advantage in battle.


Tiki has explosion and can deal a ton of damage. With her, you need to actively attack and finish the game early. Her restoration magic also allows her to help up to 7 allies, which is always a bonus.


Chrom has fantastic specials that allow him to heal himself based on a percentage of his damage death.

More importantly, just like Marth, he has access to the Falchion, making him one of the 3 units who have access to this fantastic weapon that recovers HP and at the same kill dragons effectively. 


At 5 stars, Lucina can recover her own HP every third turn. Her Falchion Weapon skill will heal 10HP and it is also great against Dragons… in other words, a perfect match!

Her special skills are also top notch. Aether, New Moon, and Luna Resolve can weaken an enemy before she attacks.

Just like Aether where she can recover half of her damage dealt to an enemy, she has a good self-recovery methods even though you don’t have a healer in your party.


As an armored unit, Effie has fantastic defense. Also, her skill “Smite” will push an ally two squares away. You can use it to push an ally away from danger or closer to an enemy you want to kill.

Only 2 Units knows this skill and the other one (Bartre) can only reach 4-stars.


Robin – Male has the abilities to be the most versatile character in Fire Emblem Heroes.

His Blarraven Weapon Skill can grant a weapon advantage over colorless foes. This gives him an advantage over Red and Colorless units.


Elise is your ultimate healer. With “Relive”, she can heal 15 HP at a time. She can heal more if  the target has a staff. This allows for staff users to survive longer during battles.

Of course, even with superior healing skills, Elise’s magical defense and speed is incredibly inferior. Make sure she is always covered by defensive units.

Fire Emblem Heroes: A Rank


Marth has access to the Falchion, a weapon capable of dealing with Dragons effectively.


Camilla has a high magic damage. Just be wary of Archers!

Her skill allows her to attack twice. However, once she attacks, her speed will be -5 so she can be pursued easily. Be sure to beat the enemy in one go or suffer the consequences!


Using the Light Bracelet, Fae can increase the physical and magical defense of the allies around her. You might want to put Fae near the group that will be attacking for added protection. 

Fae can also recover 10 HP the least and can lower the attack of the enemies surrounding her. This is not limited to just the squares adjacent to her, but up to 2 squares.

This means units that usually attack far, like Archers and Mages can be “intimidated” as well.

So Fae is a very good support unit. However, do not expect superior firepower from her, compared with other Dragons, like Tiki.


Leo can attack within multiple range because of his abilities. If you have Brynhildr, it will force his opponents to move a square adjacent to him to attack him.

This means that Mages have to be adjacent to attack him, and all other Archers will not be able to deal any damage (because they cannot attack a unit that is adjacent to them). 


Nowi has a wide range of counter-attack abilities. Her counter-attacks can even target long-ranged enemies, which is really useful in the game.


Cordelia’s Spear of the Brave attack skill will let you attack the enemy twice. This will no doubt KO the enemy at her first strike.

Her Astra also known as Shooting Star Mystery move can increase her power to 250%. Aside from that, since she’s on a flying pegasus, she is not affected by any terrain.


Corrin’s main strength is her amazing power. After attacking the enemy, foes within 2 spaces of the target will suffer Atk/Spd-5 through their next actions.

Her Special Skill Dragon Gaze and Draconic Aura will grant you +30% to Atk.

Fire Emblem Heroes: B Rank

– Roy
– Tharja
– Hinoka
– Merric
– Linde
– Lilina
– Nino
– Felicia
– Minerva
– Azura

This would be the list of the best characters in Fire Emblem Heroes, ranked and arranged for easy navigation. Hopefully you find this list as useful as we do because it sure took us a ton of time to put this article together!

UPDATE notice: This article has been updated to include new heroes and new information following its original publishing date.


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