Miracle Merchant Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for Beginners

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Miracle Merchant is not the most beginner-friendly game out there, but it certainly is entertaining and addictive.

Even the more advanced players have a thing or two to learn from the game and I am here to help both categories – beginners and veterans – get better at playing Miracle Merchant by sharing some tips and tricks in a complete strategy guide.

Our Miracle Merchant cheats and tips will help you understand the game’s mechanics, as well as get better at playing it and mixing magic potions for the best possible experience.

So read on to make sure you haven’t overlooked an important element that could help you progress through the game faster.

Dealing with customers the right way

It seems that customers in Miracle Merchant have only one goal: that of annoying you to tears. But although you have the chance to give them the boot, it’s best to make sure that if you do so, you actually benefit from it: look at the requirements of the upcoming customer and make sure that you if throw one out, the one replacing them is easier to please.

Also, you should always strive to do at least one of these two things (both would be ideal):

a) Use at least one ingredient required by the customer
b) Use ingredients that give you some sort of a boost

Learn the recipes

There are many potions out there in the game and learning them is one way to play the game.

Another is to check out the already unlocked potions in the game’s menu to know exactly what you have to mix in order to get a specific potion. Knowledge is power!

Don’t rush to dump the evil cards

Evil cards are… evil! They take your score down instead of rising it, but the good news is that some of the customers actually prefer evil cards.

This is why you shouldn’t rush to dump an evil card as soon as you get it. Sometimes waiting is the perfect strategy – use it when it makes an impact, at least – so always strategise!

Always strategize

Yes, I am repeating this, but it’s very important. Although mostly a game of luck, Miracle Merchant is also a game of planning and strategy.

The fact that you know what the next customer wants help you plan your moves a bit and make the best out of your deck.

Your goal is to always try and get the best possible score at the end of the day, and that could be achieved by getting a smaller score with one customer and boosting it with another.

So always consider not just what the current customer wants, but what the next one wants as well and try to plan your moves ahead as much as possible.

This would be it for now in terms of tips and tricks for Miracle Merchant. What other strategies do you use and what other tips would you share with fellow players?


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