Fanatical Basketball Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Win Every Time

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Fanatical Basketball is a brand new basketball game developed by CanadaDroid and it is available exclusively on Android.

When I saw the screenshots of the game on the Google Play store, I was simply blown away by them and I was ready for experiencing some of the best visuals ever seen on a basketball game on Android.

Unfortunately, they’re just false advertising as the game looks nothing like the screenshots used on Google Play: the graphics are much worse, which is pretty much disappointing.

But despite the heavily altered images used to promote the game, Fanatical Basketball remains a fun to play basketball game that is not a simulation, but instead a nice way of wasting time and having fun.

And you can win more and get better results with the help of our Fanatical Basketball cheats and tips that I am sharing below.

Because, since this is more of an arcade game than a real basketball simulation title, some different mechanics work.

So let’s not waste a second and let’s check out below some Fanatical Basketball tips and cheats!

Get the time bonus
For every five minutes that you spend in the game, you get some free coins. You start with 50, it increases to 80 and so on.

Therefore, you can make quite some money by simply letting the game run continuously on your device while you do other things: plug in your phone and let the game running there, making sure to tap the Time bonus every 5 minutes. Pretty soon, you’ll have a fortune to spend on card packages!

Invest smartly in card packages
Early on, you won’t have a ton of coins at your disposal, but you should still invest in purchasing card packages. Each card package will give you a team in the NBA, which you might have already or which might be new to you.

You use these team cards to upgrade the stats of your players: if you have enough of them, you can spend some coins and increase the values.

Since these cards are randomly awarded, you might end up having a strong team different than your favorite team, so have this in mind when selecting the team you will play as: always choose the strongest one, even if it is not your favorite!

Upgrade your player’s skills
One of the most important player upgrades that you can purchase in Fanatical Basketball is under the My Team menu.

Tap the Coach and there you can spend coins to improve the stats of any of the five positions of your team.

The best news here is that these bonuses stick to your players even if you switch your starting team and this is why the Coach upgrades are extremely important.

You could also focus on the players you will play the most in the game (usually the PG and/or Center/PF) and turn them into real scoring machines.

How to win all your games
Winning your games in Fanatical Basketball is not very difficult, fortunately. The game is not a real basketball simulation, meaning that you can use some cheats and shortcuts to always win. Here is what you should do:

– Always keep a player up front when the opponents pass the ball after you have scored. In many occasions, you can simply steal the ball from the player and grab an easy basket

– Don’t pass to often! The passing mechanic is so poor in the game that it’s usually best to simply stick to the ball and dribble until you can get past your opponent and score an easy basket

– Go for easy baskets! Dunks are usually the only thing I am using to score: not only that they’re 100% certain to bring you the points, but you also get some extra coins at the end of the game for every dunk you have scored.

– Ignore defense: I am doing this in all games I play and it rarely matters. Simply ignore the defense and keep your favorite player up front. If the opponents miss (and they often do), try to quickly pass and get the counter and the easy basket.

– Use your star player. The star player is your best player and the one that seems to get a bonus shooting boost as most of the shots he will take will score.

So try to get the ball to him and use him as your main scorer. Dunks, shots that are perfectly timed… he can really make the difference!

These would be right now our Fanatical Basketball cheats and tips for the Android game by CanadaDroid. If you have more advice for fellow players, let us all know by commenting below!


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