Lost Words: Beyond the Page Walkthrough Chapter 1

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This beautifully narrated story in Lost Words: Beyond the Page is full of adventure and puzzles that we’ll discover together in this walkthrough.

I’ll show you how the game works and give you all the clues you need to play the story till the end, discover all the puzzles, and solve all of them.

The first few pages of the story will teach you how to navigate the game. Walking forward and backward by swiping the bottom left corner. Tapping on the screen will make her jump.

Follow my walkthrough for Lost Words: Beyond the Page to find out how the story unfolds and how to solve all the puzzles you encounter.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Intro Walkthrough

Lost Words Beyond the Page Intro

You’ll go from page to page and learn Izzy’s story, learning how to walk on each sentence, jumping and avoiding obstacles on your way to the little door in the paper.

The red bookmark will prevent you from going directly to the second page. So make your way to the door by swiping left and right, and jumping where you need to.

You’ll also need to drag certain words to their right spot but don’t forget to touch all the blue spots along the way.

  • When you reach the animal prints page you need to land your character right on the word This so that the other clues pop up.
Lost Words Beyond the Page Paw Prints
  • Now walk and jump on each paw print to get all the blue spots and reach the top right writing next to the little door.
  • The story will lead you to the page where she talks about her birthday.
  • After passing the sentence “I blew out the candles” take out the word blew and move it around so you can put the candles out.
  • Now the words “and made a wish!” appear that you can climb on.
  • Move the word blew above you so you can reach the highest blue spot.
  • Then move it closer to the door so you can reach that too.
  • On the next page, you’ll have three words to work with: becoming – a – writer
  • You can use only the longest two and move them around to create a ladder to take you to the highest blue spot.
  • Then move them so you reach the other blue spot and finally the door to the other page.
  • Move the three words in their place first to learn what “Gran always says”: a writer writes
  • Make sure you reach the word anything so more words come out and you can reach the door to the next page.
  • Touch the word exploring so you find the next sentence.
  • Now move the word unlock onto the gate on the next page.
  • Climb the now open gate, and leave the word unlock close to the door so you can go through.
  • Now stop on the word growing and move the watering can over the acorn so it grows into a big tree with you on top.
  • Now jump over to the words on the page to the right and stop on the word better.
  • Move to the sentence that showed up and through the door.
  • On this next page, you can go from one highlighted word to another.
    • First is romance.
    • Fall down to science fiction
    • Jump over to comedy
    • Then go over to drama
    • Next is fairytale
    • After that try to reach somewhere
    • And lastly to fantasy story
  • Fall down to reach the door that opens after you touched all those words.
  • Stop on fantasy story then fall down on Once upon a time… before walking down and reaching the word again.
  • Don’t forget to get the purple spot now, on the other page as well.
  • Land on the word Land so the pages paint you a pretty picture of Estoria.
  • You can move past it and on to the next page.
  • Here you have to pick the name of the character in the story.
  • I went with Robyn but I’m sure any name you pick will have the same outcome.
  • Jump over and land on the word colour and choose the color of her dress.
  • I went with purple and moved over to the next page.
  • Here I went over to the word guardian so I could move through the door once the new words appeared.
  • After reading about Robyn, you stop on the word Robyn, then on no one.
  • I picked the word kind but any other word would give you a different outcome.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Lost Words Beyond the Page Chapter 1
  • Starting the journey of the kind Robyn you’ll need to gather berries for the fruit punch as you and the firefly go back to the village.
  • There’s one green berry right to your left, and that’s a dead end.
  • So now you have to start walking to the right of the screen.
  • On your way down the hill you’ll find a red berry.
  • Once you get down off the hill you can check under the roots to the left.
  • In order to get the square rock out of your way by keeping your finger on the jumping button in the top right corner and dragging your finger to your right so it moves towards the other edge.
  • Now jump over it to go back and crawl down under the roots by keeping your finger on the down arrow and then dragging it to the left till she reaches the yellow berry.
  • Get out and stand up so you can push the square rock all the way to the other side.
    • Right arrow + jump button
  • Now jump up to climb and reach the blue berry
  • Follow the path ahead and carefully cross the bridge over the river to reach the other side.
  • Moving forward you’ll find a vine going down.
  • Jump on it and drag the arrow down to move all the way to the end of the vine.
  • Now in order to let go of this vine you need to keep the right arrow pressed and tap on the screen in the bottom right corner to release and reach the ground.
  • As you move ahead you’ll find more secret paths.
  • First one is going to be under the roots, so keep your finger pressed for a few seconds on the down arrow and use the left or right arrows to move along.
  • For the next path, you need to reach the square rock, keep your finger pressed on the jump button in the top right corner and drag to the left so you can jump on it and up on the rock and down the hill.
  • Here you’ll find “The old cargo lift. Barely used.”
  • Step on it and it will begin to rise to get her home through the huts in the trees and all the way to Elder’s Ava’s hut.
  • Ava has some big news for Robyn.
  • You have to move the word rise to the box under the stairs so it comes to you.
  • Ava will give it to Robyn to open so tap on the top left corner to open the book.
  • This is where Robyn can store all the magic words as she became the new Guardian of the fireflies, in Ava’s place.
  • She has to go to the Shrine tree after Ava gifts her a pendant with a giant Sapphire (that was my choice)
  • Now move through the village to the right.
  • Pass the stacked planks that are in your way by using the word rise from your spell book.
    • To access your spell book tap on the top right corner and drag the word rise to the planks.
  • Reach the cargo lift all the way to the right and stay on until it reaches the top.
  • Now you can jump to the right and move forward and over the bridge.
  • On the other side there’s a mechanism with some planks on.
  • Jump and stay on the planks while you use the magic word rise (tap the top right corner and drag it to the planks)
  • Keep the word over the planks till they reach the top.
  • Jump over to the other wooden deck and reach the gate.
  • Use the magic word rise on it as well to pass through.
  • Move forward till you reach a vine, jump on it and swing by swiping your finger left and right.
  • Let go of the vine with a tap when you swing to the right as far as you can go.
  • Once on the other side you need to move ahead and under the big rocks.
  • Keep the down arrow pressed a few seconds and move to the right to crawl through.
  • Once you get out from under the rocks and reach the glowing rocks, step on the first one then use the word rise on it till it reaches the same level as the next one.
  • Step on the next and do the same to this and to the next one, all the way up.
  • Now you’re going down the hill and you need to jump on the bell, swing left and right to make it ring.
  • Make sure you are at the lowest spot on it then after it rings jump to the right.
  • Once you reach the Shrine tree home of the fireflies, stand in the middle of the circles and use the word rise to let them see what Robyn can do.
Lost Words Beyond the Page Chapter 1 Ending

Wrapping up

Another chapter starts here, as Robyn is accepted by the fireflies as their Guardian. Izzy, the writer of the story will lead you through the pages of her journal once more.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page has many more adventures to come. Puzles you’ll need to solve so you are able to reach the end of the story.

The journey is amazing to read and experience so far, so keep close as I show you the way and how it unfolds through the eyes of Robyn the Kind Firefly Guardian.


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