Lost Chronicles Walkthrough 1st Day

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This new walkthrough for Lost Chronicles will help you solve all the mysteries and puzzles as you immerse yourself in yet another beautiful story-based game.

Lost Chronicles is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Object, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters, and challenging quests.

Investigate the disappearance of a child and unravel the secrets of a deceptively quiet town called Forest Hill in this Lost Chronicles puzzle adventure game and follow the walkthrough below.

Lost Chronicles 1st Day Walkthrough

Lost Chronicles Walkthrough Task 1 Find Magnus

Task 1: Meet Magnus

I came to Forest Hill to begin my training with local healer Magnus. I need to find him.

  • After you talk to the lady in the plaza, she’ll tell you the house of Magnus is to the right.
  • Check the backpack on the chest and take the knife from the pocket.
  • Use it to cut the ropes and take the backpack.
  • Look through and you’ll find a patty and coins (5).
  • Go and give the patty to the dog so he lets you pass to Magnus’ home.
Lost Chronicles Walkthrough Task 1 Magnus Home
  • He’ll tell you about the witch that is kidnapping children and send you to your new task.

Task 2: Find accommodation

A. There is tavern Rose and Crown in this town. I’ll try to stay there.

  • Look at the poster with the missing child on the right and take the fox medallion.
  • A snake medallion is hanging on the statue in the fountain.
  • Here you’ll find a chain with carabiner.
  • Go through the gates up ahead to find the tavern.
Lost Chronicles Walkthrough Task 2 Find Tavern
  • The building on the right is the tavern you are looking for.
Lost Chronicles Walkthrough Task 2 Tavern

Task 2: Find accommodation

B. The owner is waiting for payment for the room. I need to bring her seven coins before the end of the week.

C. The bunch with a key to my room was lost. I need to return it to the owner of the tavern.

Task 3: Gather a collection of keys

The tavern owner’s son lost five keys from the key case. I need to find them and return them back.

  • You can check out the Pantry in the back to find a hidden object game.
  • Every player has a different set of objects that they need to find within two minutes. Good luck!

Note: If you get out and go in again the number of items goes up, so try to solve it on your first try. 2 minutes for 6 items is easy if you aren’t new to hidden objects games. But here you’ll find an old key.

  • Go to the tavern’s counter and take the oiler.
  • Now go outside to check the fence next to the tavern, and use the knife to find a bear medallion and fireplace pliers.
  • Check the door to the basement and use the oiler on the rusty lock.
  • Under the blue drape next to the tavern there’s a fish medallion.
  • Look at the broken cart on the left and take the casket.
  • Look at the sewer next to the cart and take the iron key.
  • Go inside and use the fireplace pliers to get the monogram key from the fireplace.
  • By the table on the right, there’s a wolf medallion on the shelf.
  • Now take the casket, get all the medallions, and put them in the right order:
    • wolf – fox – fish – snake – bear
  • Now drag each medallion to the right color.
  • Here you’ll find a gilding key.
  • You can ask the tavern lady for some light in the basement.
  • She’ll give you a magic lantern.
  • Go to the basement and use the magic lantern to see inside.
  • Another random hidden object game awaits you with 8 items to be found in 2 minutes.
  • You’ll be rewarded with another old key and a broom.
  • You can go to the plaza and check the streetlight at the bakery.
  • Use the broom and take the copper key.
  • Check your blue notebook above the hints and get a compass reward.
  • This will reward you a bunch of keys.
  • Go back to the tavern and give the keys to the lady and she’ll give you the attic key.
  • Use it on the door upstairs.

Task 2: Find accommodation

D. It is necessary to clean my room – no one has lived in it for a long time.

  • Use the broom to clean your room.
Lost Chronicles Walkthrough Task 2 Attic Room
  • Pick up the chair on the left and take the golden pyramid (1/8)
  • Put the carpet back in its place and find another golden pyramid (2/8)
  • Check out the window, move the vase, and find a keeper and a rag.
  • Look at the fireplace, take the shovel next to it, and remove old ashes to find a gear and a golden pyramid (3/8).
  • Make the bed and take another golden pyramid (4/8)
  • Look under the bed, use the broom to get another golden pyramid (5/8)
  • Look behind the drapes, put the rag in the sink, and pour water over it.
  • Take the wet rag to the window and clean it.
  • Open the window and take the wooden eagle and another golden pyramid (6/8)

E. The room is very cold. I need to ask for firewood downstairs and find matches to light the fireplace.

  • Look at the wall next to the clock and remove the loose brick.
  • Take the golden pyramid (7/8) and the kettlebell 2 grams.
  • You can go back to the tavern’s lobby and the owner’s child will tell you where to find matches, in the pantry.
  • After you do the hidden object game in the pantry again, go upstairs and light the candles on the desk to get a better look.
  • You’ll find a last golden pyramid (8/8)
  • Go downstairs and talk to the boy. He’ll tell you to use the pyramid to find the boy.
  • Put all the 8 golden pyramid pieces on the green part and she’ll see the missing boy.
  • The owner’s boy will tell you where to find firewood.
  • He’ll send you to the basement and you’ll need to complete another hidden objects game.
  • Now with the firewood, you can go to your fireplace and start a fire.
  • 5 symbols will show up on the fireplace, remember them and check the wall next to it.
  • Press the bricks in that order.
Lost Chronicles Walkthrough Task 2 Fireplace Symbols
  • You can put the Keeper on the altar that you discover.
  • To play this next game you need to put the stones into the holes in the field. When you click on a cell near a stone, the stone moves one cell away from it.
  • You’ll find a ruby earring from this.
  • Go outside to notice it’s night.
  • Check the sewer by the cart and use the ruby earring to reach the wallet.
  • You’ll find a wooden phoenix inside and 4 coins.
  • Go give the tavern’s owner 7 coins.
  • You’ll get a pink flower.

F. It’s time to sleep well, the day turned out to be eventful.

  • Check the drawers by the table on the right.
  • Put the pink flower in the bottom right one.
  • You’ll find a wooden swan and fresh linen.
  • Go to your room and put the fresh linen on the bed.

Wrapping up

Today was an eventful day for Leonor. But now she’s on the right track to find out what happened to the boy that disappeared.

Check back here for my next walkthrough for Lost Chronicles 2nd Day. I’ll give you all the clues you need to solve your puzzle and help Leonor further.


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