Lexilogic – Word Puzzle Games Answers [Level 2 – Level 10]

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Here are the answers you need for Level 2 to Level 10 in Lexilogic. The game starts easy, but you’ll soon see that it is engaging and a lot of fun to play.

Lexilogic is not just a word game; it’s a crossword puzzle, a brain game, and a logic puzzle all rolled into one.

Lexilogic Level 2 Answers – Herbs and Spices

A1: Parsley
A2: Mint
A3: Basil

B1: Pepper
B2: Cinnamon
B3: Ginger

C1: Paprika
C2: Vanilla
C3: Cardamon

Lexilogic Level 3 Answers – Ancient Egypt

A1: Papyrus
A2: Pyramid
A3: Nile

B1: Sphinx
B2: Pharaoh
B3: Sarcophagus

C1: Hieroglyph
C2: Mummy
C3: Scarab

Lexilogic Level 4 Answers – Going Camping

A1: Tent
A2: Flashlight
A3: Campfire
A4: Hat

B1: Lantern
B2: Sleeping bag
B3: Boots
B4: Pot

C1: Camera
C2: Coat
C3: Compass
C4: Cup

D1: Backpack
D2: Food
D3: Bug Spray
D4: Map

Lexilogic Level 5 Answers – Crops

A1: Potato
A2: Soybean
A3: Hay

B1: Oat
B2: Sugarcane
B3: Rice

C1: Corn
C2: Sunflower
C3: Wheat

Lexilogic Level 6 Answers – Pets and Farm Animals

A1: Rat
A2: Hamster
A3: Chinchilla
A4: Mouse
A5: Guinea Pig

B1: Turtle
B2: Fish
B3: Frog
B4: Pony
B5: Dog

C1: Parrot
C2: Goose
C3: Turkey
C4: Chicken
C5: Canary

D1: Rabbit
D2: Goat
D3: Bull
D4: Ostrich
D5: Cat

E1: Horse
E2: Pig
E3: Cow
E4: Donkey
E5: Sheep

Lexilogic Level 7 Answers – Pizza

A1: Neapolitan
A2: Arugula
A3: Tomato
A4: Basil

B1: Dough
B2: New York
B3: Cheese
B4: Crust

C1: Sauce
C2: Pineapple
C3: Hawaiian
C4: Oven

D1: Mortadella
D2: Mozzarella
D3: Mushrooms
D4: Margherita

Lexilogic Level 8 Answers – Body

A1: Cheek
A2: Chest
A3: Knee
A4: Shoulder
A5: Waist

B1: Toes
B2: Mouth
B3: Head
B4: Arm
B5: Leg

C1: Neck
C2: Stomach
C3: Lip
C4: Elbow
C5: Calf

D1: Fingers
D2: Thigh
D3: Shin
D4: Eye
D5: Nail

E1: Back
E2: Heel
E3: Foot
E4: Hand
E5: Nose

Lexilogic Level 9 Answers – Room Interior

A1: Mirror
A2: Sofa
A3: Cushion

B1: Rug
B2: Clock
B3: Vase

C1: Chair
C2: Dresser
C3: Wall Print

Lexilogic Level 10 Answers – Aquatic Animals

A1: Seahorse
A2: Eel
A3: Starfish
A4: Shrimp
A5: Seal

B1: Jellyfish
B2: Coral
B3: Stingray
B4: Beluga
B5: Whale

C1: Mollusk
C2: Salmon
C3: Octopus
C4: Squid
C5: Shark

D1: Oyster
D2: Mussel
D3: Shell
D4: Alligator
D5: Walrus

E1: Crayfish
E2: Crab
E3: Lobster
E4: Turtle
E5: Dolphin

Wrapping up

If you too like playing casual word games like Lexilogic, stay tuned for more walkthrough articles with the answers you need in case you stumble on their clues.

I’ll assist you with my next article on Lexilogic for Level 11 to Level 20 answers here. Check back here or homepage if need help.


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