Lexilogic – Word Puzzle Games Answers [Level 11 – Level 20]

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Here we are again with another set of answers you need for Level 11 to Level 20 in Lexilogic. The game is engaging and a lot of fun to play.

Lexilogic is not just a word game, it’s a crossword puzzle, a brain game, and a logic puzzle all rolled into one.

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Lexilogic Level 11 Answers – Mansion

A1: Pond
A2: Garden
A3: Pool

B1: Butler
B2: Gardener
B3: Cook

C1: Library
C2: Gym
C3: Hall

Lexilogic Level 12 Answers – Holidays and Special Events

A1: Birthday
A2: Easter
A3: Wedding

B1: Christmas
B2: Halloween
B3: Thanksgiving

C1: Independence Day
C2: Labor Day
C3: Memorial Day

Lexilogic Level 13 Answers – Fast Food

A1: Burrito
A2: Chips
A3: Pizza
A4: French fries
A5: Barbecue

B1: Hot dog
B2: Taco
B3: Kebab
B4: Hamburger
B5: Chicken nuggets

C1: Chicken wings
C2: Sandwich
C3: Nachos
C4: Soda
C5: Bagel

D1: Sausage
D2: Onion Ring
D3: Bacon
D4: Cheeseburger
D5: Corn Dog

E1: Popcorn
E2: Instant noodles
E3: Mustard
E4: Ketchup
E5: Mayo

Lexilogic Level 14 Answers – World Landmarks

A1: Statue of Liberty
A2: Moai
A3: Taj Mahal
A4: Great Sphinx of Giza

B1: Great Wall of China
B2: Victoria Falls
B3: Burj Khalifa
B4: Angkor Wat

C1: Big Ben
C2: Leaning Tower of Pisa
C3: Eiffel Tower
C4: Colosseum

D1: Machu Picchu
D2: Christ the Redeemer
D3: Golden Gate Bridge
D4: Sydney Opera House

Lexilogic Level 15 Answers – Kitchen

A1: Dishwasher
A2: Cooker
A3: Microwave
A4: Blender
A5: Plate

B1: Sink
B2: Pan
B3: Tablecloth
B4: Freezer
B5: Fork

C1: Grater
C2: Pot
C3: Cupboard
C4: Grill
C5: Spoon

D1: Breadbox
D2: Kettle
D3: Juicer
D4: Coffee Machine
D5: Knife

E1: Decanter
E2: Jug
E3: Mug
E4: Cup
E5: Glass

Lexilogic Level 16 Answers – Environment

A1: Acid Rain
A2: Water Pollution
A3: Atmosphere
A4: Earth

B1: Deforestation
B2: Ozone Hole
B3: Oil Spill
B4: Alternative Energy

C1: Global Warming
C2: Ocean
C3: Landfill
C4: Recycling

D1: Rainforest
D2: Air Pollution
D3: Wetlands
D4: Solar Power

Lexilogic Level 17 Answers – Exotic Animals

A1: Monkey
A2: Gibbon
A3: Gorilla
A4: Macaque
A5: Orangutan

B1: Crocodile
B2: Warthog
B3: Sloth
B4: Koala
B5: Tapir

C1: Leopard
C2: Tiger
C3: Jaguar
C4: Cheetah
C5: Lion

D1: Zebra
D2: Giraffe
D3: Panda
D4: Lemur
D5: Mongoose

E1: Elephant
E2: Rhinoceros
E3: Hippo
E4: Antelope
E5: Capybara

Lexilogic Level 18 Answers – Calendar

A1: Calendar
A2: Monday
A3: April
A4: Months
A5: May

B1: Days
B2: Tuesday
B3: August
B4: March
B5: Week

C1: February
C2: Wednesday
C3: Yesterday
C4: January
C5: October

D1: Year
D2: Thursday
D3: Tomorrow
D4: June
D5: November

E1: Holiday
E2: Friday
E3: Today
E4: July
E5: December

Lexilogic Level 19 Answers – Vegetables

A1: Tomato
A2: Onion
A3: Cucumber
A4: Beetroot
A5: Lettuce

B1: Potato
B2: Pumpkin
B3: Pea
B4: Pepper
B5: Parsnip

C1: Garlic
C2: Pattypan Squash
C3: Bean
C4: Eggplant
C5: Celery

D1: Carrot
D2: Corn
D3: Cabbage
D4: Turnip
D5: Basil

E1: Radish
E2: Horseradish
E3: Broccoli
E4: Sorrel
E5: Dill

Lexilogic Level 20 Answers – Solar System

A1: Earth
A2: Mars
A3: Jupiter
A4: Saturn
A5: Venus

B1: Planet
B2: Galaxy
B4: Cosmonaut
B5: Gravity

C1: Meteorite
C2: ORbit
C3: Alien
C4: Telescope
C5: Universe

D1: Crater
D2: Constellation
D3: Soaceship
D4: Satellite
D5: Atmosphere

E1: Comet
E2: Asteroid
E3: Star
E4: Moon
E5: Pluto

Wrapping up

If yu want more answers for Lexilogic and the levels ahead, let me know in the comments section below and I’d be happy to play more for you.


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