New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1

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In today’s walkthrough for New York Mysteries 5 Chapter 1 I’ll help you discover a new story full of puzzles and locks that will keep you on your toes.

“New York Mysteries: Power of Art” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests.

Laura is on a new mission to discover the history of the mysterious fantasy-world paintings, unaware of the monstrous plan behind this evening’s mystical events. She can’t handle such a difficult mission alone, that’s why she needs your help.

Follow the walkthrough below and immerse yourself in the first Chapter of New York Mysteries 5, where we’ll solve all the puzzles and mysteries together.

New York Mysteries 5 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Start

As soon as you enter the game you are given two tasks:

Task 1: Find out what happened to the painting

The monster has disappeared from the painting. Either the painting was stolen and replaced with a fake one, or mystical forces are involved here.

Task 2: Find Michael

The gallery director was supposed to meet me but it seems that he forgot about it.

  • You already have a key in your inventory, use it to open the car parked in front of the art gallery.
  • Take the hairpin in front of the chair.
  • Now go back, open the phonebooth and look at the poster next to the phone.
  • Take the mosaic piece (1/4) from the coin area of the phone.
  • Go to the electric panel near the car and use the hairpin to open that lock.
  • There’s another mosaic piece (2/4) under the wires.
  • To solve the electricity puzzle you need to press the tiles so that all the panel is connected to the electricity.
  • The panels are different for each player so I’m afraid I can’t help you with yours. Good luck!
  • Now that the electricity is on you can enter the art gallery through the front door.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Art Gallery
  • There’s a flashlight on the deck to your left.
  • A flower on the floor where the wooden boards are ruined.
  • Check the ruined wall on the left, there’s another mosaic piece (3/4) on the bricks.
  • Go to the right corridor and turn on your flashlight here.
  • Look inside the box on the floor and take the utility knife.
  • Go back and check the red drapes on the window right ahead.
  • Use the utility knife to cut them down and take the last mosaic piece (4/4)
  • Now look behind the desk on the left and use the 4 mosaic pieces on the puzzle there.
  • Each corner needs to have the color it is shown on the frame.
  • When you tap a tile, all the tiles around it will rotate around it.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Mozaic puzzle
  • When you finish, the drawer opens and gives you a key.
  • Use it to open up the door here and take you to the security room.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Back Room
  • Take the fire extinguisher, then look inside the blue coat hanging and take the star.
  • Take the ladder and look at the glass case above the desk.
  • Use the utility knife to open up that locked door.
  • Take the keycard and check the electric panel above the control panel.
  • Switch the lever down and go outside the building.
  • Take the stairs to the staff entrance and use the keycard to open the door.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Staff Room

Task 3: Find the authenticity of the painting

There is a way to check the authenticity of the painting. The author left the signature with special unique paint.

  • Take the cart and check the table on the right to find a note with a code.
  • You’ll find Michael’s card with his phone number here as well.
  • Go to the lockerroom closet and put the note with the code next to the lock.
  • Enter that code 3681 and open it.
  • You’ll find a wrench, a petal (1/3), and another star.
  • Go upstairs to the room behind the desk and put the two stars on the doors of the cupboard in front.
  • Take the picture and a flower.
  • Go to the painting and use the cart to carry it.
  • Go around the corner to the stairs to the basement and use the picture as a clue to solve the puzzle.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Basement puzzle
  • Now that the door to the basement is open, you can begin your search for the UV light.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Basement
  • There’s a toolbox on the left, open it with the wrench and take the lubricant aerosol and the insulating tape.
  • Check the bathtub on the right and move the boxes to get to the handle.
  • Open the trap door in the floor and use the ladder to go down and start the hidden object minigame.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Basement Hidden Objects
  • Underneath the light bulbs, there’s going to be a piece you need to open up the glass container and take the UV lamp.
  • Now you can go back to the staff room, where Michael is.
  • Use the handle to open up the refrigerator and take the developer jar.
  • Move to the table, set the painting on it, put the UV lamp in the lamp over the painting, and put the developer jar on the table.
  • Take the tool like a brush and dip in the jar to put over the painting.
  • The painting is the original one, and you’ll be given another petal (2/3)
  • Go outside to the car, use the lubricant aerosol on the chair, and move it to the side so you can reach the purse.
  • Open the purse and look inside the notebook at bishop’s business card.
  • There’s also a glove box handle under the chair.
  • Move the chair back and use the handle on the glove box to get the wire cutters.
  • Go to the basement and use the wire cutters on the wires that keep the tap open.
  • Use the fire extinguisher to cool down the tap so you can go check the door in the back now.
  • There’s another petal (3/3) you’ll need on the door.
  • Go to Michael and use the 3 petals on the crate to the left.
  • To solve this puzzle you need to move the triangles to move to their red places.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Staff Room Chest puzzle
  • Here is where you’ll find the spool you need to watch the video.
  • Go to the security room and use the insulating tape to fix the wires that lead to the electric panel.
  • Put the spool on the control panel and press play to watch what happened.
  • Go and talk to Michael and he’ll give you a token for the payphone outside.
  • Go to the phonebooth and use the token then add the Bishop’s card and call the number 37 21 34
  • She’ll tell Bishop what happened and take the flower.
  • Go to the basement and use the flowers on the door at the back.
  • To solve the puzzle you need to move the balls to the correct colored spots.
  • Follow my video below to see how to do it.

Task 4: Follow the monster

The monster jumped out through the window onto the city streets. I need to track it down.

  • Now that you opened the back door, you can follow the green slime and hopefully find the monster.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Back Alley
  • Take the lever arm by the typing machine.
  • Use the utility knife to cut the garbage bag on the right and take the wire and the hose.
  • Use the wire cutters to cut the barbed wire at the end of this alley.
  • Move through the fence further to reach the street under construction.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Construction street
  • There’s a pipe by the sewer well.
  • Look at the tree to the further right and remove the branches to get the slingshot.
  • Go to the excavator’s door and use the wire to open the door through the window.
  • Take the matches and use the lever arm here to pick up the pillar.
  • Look at the gravel under the excavator and take the skateboard.
  • Go with it to the back alley and use it to move the wooden boards and take them.
  • Use the slingshot to break the glass and get the medallion from the balcony.
  • Use the medallion to open the bag on the bike and take the note with the clue.
  • Use the clue on the typewriter BY4AE15 and type those in.
  • This will give you a magnet.
  • Go to the street under construction and put the boards over the puddle to the left.
  • Use it to go on the other side and solve the hidden object minigame.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Sewer hidden objects
  • Take the knife (7) and go to where (1) and (10) are.
  • Use the knife on the tier to get the rubber (8) and you’ll find (9) here as well.
  • Go to the metal box on the left and use (9) and (10) to open it and take (2), (3), and (6) from inside.
  • Use the key (6) on the metal door and take the (5).
  • Go to the engine next to the pipe and use the pump (5) and the wires (3)
  • Use the rubber (8) to tie the leak in the pipe then ass the clamp (1) and fix it with the screwdriver (2).
  • Now you can take the hose (4) and go to the pump and connect it.
  • Now that the water is removed you can take the ladder from the hole.
  • Go back to the sewer hole and put the ladder there to climb down.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Sewer
  • Check the tunnel behind the yellow barrel and use the pipe to get to the lever arm.
  • Use it to open the gates to the tunnel to reach the board.
  • Put the board over the gap from the stairs to the other tunnel.
  • Use the flashlight to check out inside.
  • There are a few dark rooms here and you need to follow the tunnels to reach the key.
  • Go inside the tunnel to the right, then go over the bridge to the other tunnel.
  • Look around to your right and you’ll see a key on a barrel near you.
  • As soon as you take it, the flashlight dies.
  • Go back to the street and use the key on the lock to the green dors on the right.
  • Take the kerosene lamp and go back down into the sewers.
  • Put the kerosene lamp near the yellow barrel, remove the lid, and use the hose to fill it with fuel.
  • Tap on the lamp and use the matches to light it.
  • Go back to the dark tunnel where you found the key.
  • Take the lever on the right (it was on the barrel next to the key) and add it in its place in the device to the left.
  • Move through the middle tunnel and around the labyrinth until you reach the ladder.
  • It will say you need 10 rungs to get out of it.
  • Start searching the maze for them.
  • There is mostly one rung in each area, so just make sure you search all tunnels.
  • Pull the lever at the beginning and go through those tunnels as well.
  • Go back to the ladder and put all the 10 rungs to get out.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Outside
  • Check the pavillion on the left and take a blade (1/4)
  • There’s another blade (2/4) by the trash can, a ticket, and a reach extender.
  • A fishing rod by the binoculars.
  • Check the game on the left and enter the ticket.
  • Pour sand from one flask to another until each flask contains a solid color of sand.
  • You’ll find a token here that you can use on the binoculars.
  • You’ll see the monster is swimming towards a boat and you’ll need to sail to it.

Task 5: Get on the ship

The monster swam to the ship and climbed onto its deck. I need to get on this ship.

  • Add the magnet to the fishing rod
  • Another blade (3/4) is on the rocks close to the water, use the reach extender to get it.
  • Go to the catamaran and you’ll find another blade (4/4)
  • Put the blades on it to go closer to the ship where the monster is.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Other side
  • Check the bags on the right and use the utility knife to cut the left bag, get a wind rose (1/3) from it, and take a fishnet from the other bag.
  • Check the lifebuoy in the water and use the fishnet to drag it to shore.
  • Use the utility knife to untie the key.
  • Look at the yellow canopy next to the ship and use the utility knife to cut it and get the other key, and the wind rose (2/3) next to it.
  • Use both keys to open the door of the building next to the ship and solve the hidden object minigame.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Port Hidden Objects
  • Use the brush (1) to dust off the fragments and get to wind-up key (4)
  • Take the fin (10) from here as well.
  • Use the key (4) to open the glass case on the left and take the glass (6)
  • Remove all the notes and remember the drawing here, you’ll need to come back to this.
  • Take the notebook (3) and the pike pole (5) from the fish
  • Use the fin (10) on the fish to open its mouth and get the anchor (8)
  • Use the notebook to draw that scheme you found on the notepad with picture (7)
  • Put the glass (6) on the door to the right, where one is missing.
  • And the picture (7) next to it to start the minigame.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Hidden Objects Drawing
  • Use the pike pole (5) to reach the ship’s wheel (9) from the middle of the room.
  • Go inside the unlocked door and put the wheel (9) and the anchor (8) on the drawer to open it and get a keycard (2)
  • Use the keycard on the closed grid to the left, that leads to the ship.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Ship
  • Check the flag by the door and take the eagle figurine using your utility knife.
  • Go back to the pavilion and put the eagle figurine and the star on the roof.
  • Take the hex key set and go back to the ship to use it to open up the electric panel underneath.
  • Take the other wind rose (3/3) and put all three on the suitcase on the floor.
  • Read the note inside about the tranquilizer, and take the gun and the clue.
  • Check out the colorful device next to the ship’s wheel and put the clue on it.
  • Press each color button the amount of time shown: violet 2 times, green 1 time, yellow 3 times, red 2 times, blue 4 times, turquoise 1 time, purple 3 times.
  • Now you can play the ship mini-game, moving the ship on this screen on all the filled tiles, without stepping on black ones.
  • You can go up the stairs and you’ll see the monster and will be able to shoot it.
  • After more information, you’ll need to continue your quest.

Task 6: Find Noah’s apartment

The building is almost destroyed. It won’t be easy to find Noah’s apartment, if it survived at all.

New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Noah Building
  • You can talk to the homeless guy and find out more about Noah.
  • You’ll need to bring him a soda in exchange to the key for the attic.
  • Open the car’s door and take the umbrella.
  • Go to the red soda dispenser and shake it to get a soda.
  • Check the stairs above the homeless man and use the umbrella to pull on the ladder.
  • Climb up to the roof.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Building Roof
  • Take the stool, then check the piano and take the can opener.
  • Open the soda with the can opener and give it to the homeless guy downstairs.
  • Go back to the roof and check out the hidden objects game in the back.
  • Use the sharp glass to cut the rope and take the wooden sword.
  • Spray the glass with the spray bottle to see through and get the broom.
  • Use the water can to water the rose and get the bee.
  • To open the backpack count the candy, flowers, and planes: 242
  • Consume the soap on the tray to reach the ring.
  • Now that you found latex gloves you can handle the wires on the door.
  • Use the key to open it and go inside.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Noah Apartment

Task 7: Learn about Noah

Bishop took me to the artist’s old house. Perhaps I can learn his secrets here.

  • The safe from Noah’s house fell through the floor.
  • Go to the next room and see if you can find more clues.
New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Noah Kitchen
  • Put the stool under the cabinet and climb to look inside.
  • Take the colander and the kitchen knife.
  • Use the kitchen knife on the fabric on the left wall.
  • Take the flower and the metal sponge.
  • Look at the tiles next to the window.
  • Use the metal sponge to clean the mold and see the 17:45 clue.
  • Go to the other room and use the flower on the sowing machine.
  • You’ll find a picklock.
  • Go up the roof again and use the picklock on the suitcase to the right.
  • Take the button (1/5) and cut the cloth line with the kitchen knife to get the rope.
  • Go to the apartment and use the rope to get down to the safe and take the insecticide.
  • Use it on the bugs in the fridge, take the canned food, and open it with the can opener.
  • Go to the roof and use the insecticide on the wasps then the kitchen knife to get item in wax.
  • Go down into the street and use the canned food to give to the rats and lure them away.
  • Take the harp and go to the barrel with fire.
  • Put the colander over then the item in wax to melt the wax and take the handle.
  • Now go back to Noah’s apartment and use the handle on the cupboard to the right.
  • Take the clue and the button (2/5)
  • Put the harp on the box on the bookshelf.
  • Complete each figurine using two empty pedestals to stack sections from large to small temporarily.
  • It will give you another button (3/5)
  • Go on the roof to the piano and put the clue there.
  • Now press the piano keys according to their associated images in the highlighted order.
    • hot-dog – race flag – roulette – cello – baseball mitten – camera – American flag
    • roulette – cello – camera – hot-dog – baseball mitten – American flag – race flag
  • You’ll get clock hands and button (4/5)
  • Go inside to the clock on the wall.
  • Put the clock hands on and move them to say 17:45 (5:45)
  • It will give you the last button (5/5)
  • Go down to the safe and put all the buttons on.
  • Use the buttons to move the chips to the corresponding rows.
  • You’ll find Noah’s diary and learn about him.

Wrapping up

We found the monster but it slipped through our fingers. Now we’ll have to unravel the mysteries of who turns monster paintings into reality.

I’ll get back to you with more clues and solutions to the puzzles ahead as I go through the next chapter of New York Mysteries step by step.

Keep a close watch if you want more answers to the entire chapter 2 of New York 5. I’ll be back with an update as soon as I can.


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