Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Professions Guide: Which One To Choose?

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There are three different professions available in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. But which of these three professions is the best and which one should you choose to be your own?

As you can imagine, each profession comes with a different path, as well as unique skills and abilities. This means that the profession you choose in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will have an impact on how things will go and shape up in the game.

So it makes sense to think seriously before making a choice and decide what’s the best profession in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Each class in the game has its own unique skill tree, with bonuses to the in-game stats and unique skills. They each specialize in a trait – be it Power, Healing or even balanced.

Here is a bit of a background for each of the professions in HPWU:

Aurors: The Ministry of Magic members are known as great detectives which are skilled when it comes to casting spells and taking down the worst of the worst, like Dark Witches and Wizards. They rely mostly on Power.

Professors: Who wouldn’t want to be Dumbledore? Well, now you’ll have a chance (sort of) by choosing the Professor class in HPWU. This will be more of a support class, so not as offensive as Aurors, but not quite as support-based as the other. This is a balanced class.

Magizoologists: These wizards are great when facing beasts from the Wizardring World. They are tankier, focused on support more than attack power (at least until later on, and IF you decide to go for Power, that is).

What is the best profession in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

There can’t be a single best class in the game, as all of them fill in their roles perfectly. Aurors are powerful wizards, relying on their pure strength, which leaves them a little bit weaker on the tanky side.

Professors will probably be better suited for more casual players as they’ll be somewhere in the middle, while the Magizoologists… are Magizoologists. But let’s explain that a little bit further!

You can invest points in all professions

An interesting feature in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is that you are allowed to spend your skills in any and all three classes. This means that you can develop all three of them and be a Jack of All Trades (but obviously not benefit from all of them at the same time).

In my opinion however, if you choose to do this it would be kind of a waste, and you would have to farm scrolls and Spell Books like a madman (no joke).

Seriously though, have you seen how much it costs to unlock the skills, especially the mid-late ones?

In my opinion, it is definitely not worth it to invest points in all the Professions, because it will be a waste and it would take you 3 times more time to actually become decent with 1 profession.

But if you are not really planning on doing Fortress challenges and such, then it’s entirely your choice – I personally don’t support the idea of adding points to multiple Professions.

Which profession / class to choose?

Depending on how you plan on playing, whether you are a solo player or you will play with someone else, you will have 3 options:

Auror: I suggest going Auror if you play solo or with someone who is either going to be a Magizoologist or Professor. Even 2 Aurors will do OK together, but it’s better to cover a wider range.

If you play solo, Auror will be OK because they are mostly focused on Power.

Professor: Since this is one of the most balanced professions, you will do fine on your own, and in a team too. I suggest going for Professor if you play solo, because it’s fun, balanced and has amazing spells.

Since they can have heals too, it could be good getting them whether you go solo or with a friend (unless they are a Magizoologist, then you won’t need to invest too much in them).

Magizoologist: As a solo class, I really don’t suggest going for this early on. They are basically tanks, who focus on support as well, but later on they can become really good if you follow Power nodes and such.

However, I really don’t suggest that you should play this if you are a solo player and aren’t really spending your whole day in game farming Challenges and stuff, because on your own it’s just not worth it in my opinion.

So in conclusion, if you want to play solo, you can go for either Professor or Auror – if you want to play with a friend, you can go for either one of the classes, just make sure one of you is a damage dealer and the other is a support!

One of the best combos you can do in game is Auror – Magizoologist, because of the buffs Magizoologists can bring and also the sustain. Auror – Professor are OK-ish too, but Auror – Magizoologist is way better in my opinion!

Either way, you can change your profession freely as long as you make sure that you keep collecting Spell Books and Scrolls!

But what do you think? Do you like to play solo or with a friend? What’s your favorite Profession so far? Let us know down in the comments!


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