Force of Nature Cheats: God Mode Enabled with Infinite Stamina & Health

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If you’re looking for some cheats for Force of Nature, we’ve got you covered in today’s article which will help you get endless amounts of two of the most important things in the game: health and stamina. That’s right! Today I am ready to share with you a Force of Nature cheat that will enable God mode in the game and give you unlimited stamina and health.

I don’t really know why would anybody wish to play a survival game like Force of Nature with this type of cheat enabled, but I am sure there is more than one person who will love this. Especially after finding and dealing with the more advanced monsters (or having to fight through hell to get your fragments)… I can understand the need of endless health and stamina.

Well, as promised, we have it today for you in the form of a trainer. In order to activate this cheat and have endless stamina and health, you will have to first download the trainer here.

After downloading it, launch the game and perform an action there (taking a few steps should be enough). Then simply launch the file and your stamina and health bars will never go down. Now it’s time to kill some monsters and explore the entire map, although it does take a bit of the fun away.

We’ve tested it and this seems to work with saved games as well, so you don’t have to start from scratch in order to use this cheat. Don’t forget that it’s extremely important to launch the trainer after doing something in the game, no matter if you’re just starting or continuing a save.

If you want to play the old fashioned way and go through the hell of losing your health and constantly running away of stamina, you can get some help from App Amped! We’ve published a bunch of really useful tips and tricks for the game, as well as a guide on killing or taming animals.

Force of Nature is a Sandbox game that combines Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy and Management genres. The player will explore more than 10 different zones, each with its own unique flora and fauna. You can gather and mine resources, create weapons and clothes, build houses, different crafting tables, laboratories and grind your character. Look for useful plants, grow them on seedbeds and domesticate animals to get a stable supply of food. Build portals for faster movement around the world and use map in order not to get lost.


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