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I really enjoy playing Force of Nature despite its flaws and annoying things (like bears). Jokes aside, this is a game that many people will love playing as well and it’s one of the better made survival sims out there, although still not the best. But I am here to help make the experience as solid as possible by sharing with you a bunch of Force of Nature tips and tricks in a complete strategy guide. Hopefully this will help you survive on the island, build everything and explore the entire area.

So without further ado, here are some Force of Nature game tips and tricks to help you get started and running smoothly!

1. Where to build your base
Your starting location is the best spot for building your base because that’s one of the very few places in the game where no monsters are spawned so your home will be safe for most of the time. I started building near the huge pile of rocks and I recommend you do the same. Don’t go to close to the forest as you will build fences later on in the game and try to keep things as compact as possible since you’ll have to constantly move from one place to another in order to craft/collect.

There is absolutely no reason to build your base (which starts with the fire) anywhere else because you will be under constant attacks from the mobs. If you have already done so, either destroy the buildings and rebuild (which could be a pain) or simply use the move option and bring them back to the starting area. If you no longer know which is the starting area, take the difficult route: get yourself killed and when you respawn you know that’s the starting area.

2. Things to build on your base
Obviously, you should build everything that you can, as soon as it is unlocked as each new construction opens up the possibility for more actions. Just check the storage options (like the chest/barrel) and build the one it’s easier to get resources for. I’d go for the chest.

An extremely important thing to do, unless you spend a lot of time on the base, is to build two wells as soon as you have the chance. This makes it easier to take care of animals and your crops without having to hoard up on water. Apart from that, keep things close and build one item of each, as soon as you get the chance. Have in mind that some of the items can only be built inside, so you’ll have more houses than you’d logically need.

3. Water is extremely important!
Harvest water as often as possible. I can’t state enough how important water is for everything to run smoothly. Collect often and don’t worry if it seems that you have too much water. There’s never too much water and as you progress through the game, you will see that. So keep collecting any time you’re close to the well(s). You won’t regret it!

4. Tame animals
At the moment, you can tame chicken, roosters, cows, goats and pigs (the latter being completely useless right now). Here is which one you should go for, based on their utility:

Chicken: the best animals, have two of them and feed constantly for eggs which in turn can be turned into all sorts of foods.
Cows/Goats: second best animals, have one of either one. You collect milk from them which can also be turned into useful stuff
Rooster: You collect feathers from them and you can craft arrows with these. They are good for finishing off animals that run away when their health is low, but not very important.
Pigs: completely useless right now, they do nothing at the moment.

Tamed animals can be instructed to follow you and wait in a specific place. You don’t have to build fences around the as they won’t leave, but they have the tendency to move around a lot if you don’t have them contained, so it’s usually a good idea to build some sort of an enclosure for them as soon as possible to minimize the running around.

5. Combat tips
Combat is an extremely important element of the game. Also, if you die during combat, you get respawned on the starting location AND you lose some of your items (randomly). Plus, all the animals and enemies are respawned as well, meaning that you’ll have to battle them all again. This means that you should do everything possible in order to stay alive.

Have in mind that creatures will follow you indefinitely once they start doing so, so make sure that you don’t get a huge mob following you and that you’re ready to finish a battle you’ll start.

This means that one of the most important things to do is to try and fight enemies one by one. Wild animals are usually solitary or in smaller groups, but the bipeds (like Goblins, Skeletons and so on) are sometimes found in groups. If that’s the case, get close enough for one creature to notice you, then retreat. The creature will follow you alone and you can take it out easier than if it came with the group. Rinse and repeat until you clear the area.

Ignore the weapons that can block and go for those dealing the most damage as you want to take out enemies faster (blocking doesn’t seem to work that good anyway, so just take the damage and get rid of your enemies ASAP). In most cases, having a bow is also very useful as you can start dealing damage from afar or take out animals that ran away. So try to start combat by firing your bow and hitting the target, then fire again if you still have time. Before the enemy is near you, switch to using the melee weapon and get ready to rumble!

Pro tip: with a bit of creativity and time spent on the island, you can create “kill zones” for the enemies and they are extremely helpful when dealing with mobs. It doesn’t always work, but generally it does: find an area with a lot of bushes/unpassable obstacles and create an entry by removing a single bush, then remove some more so you have a bit of room to move inside. Draw mobs to that area, get inside and take them out one by one as only one will be able to attack you at a time.

6. Best ways to regenerate health/stamina
These go away fast and replenish relatively slow (follow the quests to level up and make them replenish a bit faster). However, once you can start crafting and cooking some more advanced things, you’re set to go. The best way to keep your Stamina and Health in check is to get a bunch of coffees and breads with you before heading to the woods – the more, the better.

Try to also pile up on all fruits that you can collect without too much of a hassle. Bananas and Coconuts are very good for stamina, but you usually spend more stamina kicking the trees to collect them than what you get. However, if you just want to build up stocks, do so: 10 bananas and coconuts are great to have with you at all times. Finally, make sure to collect everything that can be easily collected along the way (but skip the poisonous mushrooms: just the Russels can be eaten).

7. Portals
These are extremely useful ways of traveling over large distances instantly. Building them is easy and they cannot be destroyed by enemies, so make sure that you place yours in areas that it’s difficult to get otherwise. Far away areas are the best choice for portals. You will need wild beast items for them (fangs, bones and claws) so make sure you pile up on these items as often as you can.

Once you have unlocked portals in the game, things get a little bit easier since you can quickly get back to your base using a portal after suffering heavy damage. Creatures won’t follow you through portals.

8. Build better tools
Digging soil with a stick is a horrible experience and takes a ton of time. Digging things up with a shovel is a lot faster. So make sure that you upgrade your tools as soon as you have the chance. The same goes for weapons and basically everything else in the game.

This would be it for now in terms of tips and tricks for Force of Nature. Do you have more strategies and tips to share with fellow players. Comment below and share the knowledge!


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5 thoughts on “Force of Nature Game Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide”

  1. I’m stuck on the level where i need to trap a chicken. They always run away to fast ABD i end up getting clobbered by a mob in the attempt of chasing and trapping the eager to escape chicken ugh lol

    • Rebecca best thing to do is wipe out all enemies first I use my map quite frequently if I see red dots in the area of my prey(chicken) I go after them first. Try to aim the 2 prongs I guess you would call it a little above them then let it fly wait until they stop running and build up at least a 35 net base just in case. Good hunting.

  2. Good morning,

    Thank you for this guide.
    I have a question for which I can’t seem to find the answer.
    What makes it PEGI 12 rated to your opinion ? I wanted my 8yo daughter to watch as I play, but I may not buy it if it’s violent.

    Could you please tell me as a player ?

    • Hi Em,
      I’d suggest that it may be the animation for some of the mobs as these could be frightening to younger players. There’s no real blood, no drug use, no swearing, no sex and the violence is quite low level so the mobs are the only element I would consider may be of concern to some.


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