Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary Review (iPhone / iPad)

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Raising butterflies. This is something that we don’t do too often and I personally can’t think of a single game (except of today’s Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary) that challenges us with the incredible task of breeding, feeding and ultimately taking care of butterflies.

The game starts with a quick tutorial – there’s not much to know about breeding and growing butterflies, apparently, since all you need to do is to tap a button to Attract them somehow, feed the larvae and get your butterflies which immediately start producing Honeydew for you. This Honeydew is used to produce Pollen, something that your butterflies love, which in turn helps them level up, therefore producing more Honeydew.

As you can see, the mechanics are pretty simple and the game is more of a waiting game than anything else: you wait for the Honeydew to be ready, for the Pollen to be ready, then you tap some butterflies and wait some more. During the early stages, your butterflies produce the Honeydew pretty fast (but in small quantities), but as they level up, they start producing more and slower, which is generally good because you don’t want to spend your entire day looking at the screen.

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Despite it being a very relaxing game, with a chill music and colorful, nice visuals, there’s not much to do in Flutter, unfortunately than look at your butterflies and wait for things to be ready.

There is also a bit of an educational aspect Flutter has, since it allows you to unlock data about the multitude of butterflies available in the game (I counted 24), so probably for kids, extremely stressed people and those who really love butterflies, this game is a blessing.

Unfortunately, I am none of these people and I can’t say that Flutter blew my socks off. It’s extremely slow paced and the achievements and unlocking clues about butterflies doesn’t bring too much variety to keep me playing. Which is actually sad because I am sure that in the later levels, all those butterflies flying around would look simply amazing.

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