Find Joe: Secret of the Stones Part 1 Walkthrough

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Welcome to another full walkthroiugh, this time with all the answers you need for Find Joe: Secret of the Stones

After witnessing a mysterious meteorite crash into her small city, Margaret is drawn into a thrilling quest filled with danger, mystery, and discovery.

Find Joe: Secret of the Stones Part 1 – Margaret Walkthrough

Chapter description: Young scientist Margaret becomes a witness of a strange meteorite falling in her hometown.

The tutorial does not need instructions, pointless for me to mansplain it to you. So we’re going to start with the classroom and find all the objects Margaret needs.

Find Joe – Part 1 Classroom Walkthrough

Find Joe - Secret of the Stones Part 1 Walkthrough Classroom
  • Put the mouse in the wheel to light up the bulb.
  • Give the sponge to the professor so he can wipe the blackboard.
  • Then give him the chalk on the bench and he’ll write the 4th element you need to find.

Find Joe – Part 1 Meteorite Walkthrough

Find Joe - Secret of the Stones Part 1 Walkthrough Meteorite
  • Use the fire extinguisher from your backpack to put out the fire and use the key on the roof to open up the car door and get the dog.
  • Slide up the garage door and pull out the bike, then put the basket on it to get the item.
  • The boots are separated, so get them together on the tree branch.
  • The garbage is in the other garage door you need to slide up.
  • Remove the rocks to get the stop sign and use the pickaxe to get to the purple meteorite.
  • You’ll find the toolbox behind the planks.

Find Joe – Part 1 Police Walkthrough

Find Joe - Secret of the Stones Part 1 Walkthrough Police
  • Use the half-scissors in the drawer and the scissors in the box to make the scissor to cut the wire of the ventilator and get the bandage.
  • Use the key in the drawer in front to open the middle drawer and take the camera.
  • Take a closer look at the radio, turn it around, and unscrew the 4 bolts to get the first item.
  • The note on the desk will tell you how to turn the lock of the safe on the wall.
    • The arrow should stop at 30 – 50 – 90
  • Take the Top Secret folder.

To be continued…


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