Download Original StarCraft Game for Free (and All Expansions) in StarCraft Anthology

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Great news, StarCraft fans! The game that so many of us have played for hundred of hours when we were younger will be released by Blizzard as a free download. No strings attached, no nonsense. Blizzard launches StarCraft as a free download later this week and you can get it, play it and let nostalgia kick in instantly.

What’s even better? All the expansions for the game will be included and offered in the free download which Blizzard aptly named the StarCraft Anthology and I am sure this will please even more fans.

At the moment of writing this article, the official StarCraft website seems to be down and we can’t share with you the link to download the StarCraft Anthology since it hasn’t been released yet. Most likely, though, it will be available on the official page so make sure to check it out if you want to download StarCraft, all its expansions, and play them all for free and legally.

This is indeed a great gift from Blizzard, but there’s even more! If watching the now-pixelated units on your screen makes you want even more (but not StarCraft 2 more), Blizzard is planning to release StarCraft Remastered later this year, which is basically an upgraded version of the original game with better graphics (4k and widescreen support), remastered music and all while keeping the original game’s balance intact and offering the same amount of fun as the original. Or at least so claims Blizzard about the remake of the 1998 game, which will also include some content from Brood War.

StarCraft Remastered will not be offered as a free download like the original and we don’t know what price to expect from it yet. It will surely not be priced as a regular game, so probably something between $10 to $20 should be expected. When we’ll find out for sure, we’ll let you know.

Until then, make sure to download the original StarCraft for free, plus all its expansions and have fun playing it!


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