The Trail Game: No House in Eden Falls? Here’s What to Do!

The Trail game is a brand new app from famed game designer Peter Molyneux and his studio 22 Cans, published by Kongregate. Fully titled The Trail: A Frontier Journey on iOS, the game has a really interesting premise, challenging you to follow a dangerous trail to the fictional Eden Falls city, where you will buy property, establish a business, get a family and so on.

But as if getting there wasn’t difficult enough as you have to follow the trail for a long time and micromanage your limited inventory time, many people have a really unpleasant surprise when they reach their destination: Eden Falls appears to be full and there are no houses available!

However, you shouldn’t panic as there is a nice fix for the missing housing options in The Trail: A Frontier Journey and we’re here to tell you what to do!

When you reach the city, if there is no house for you to buy, all that you have to do is to open your character’s map by tapping the compass icon on the right and select the previous Camp you visited. From there, you will have to travel once again to your city in The Trail game, but once you reach the destination, you should now have a free house available for purchase.

This little bug is usually caused by the fact that there are so many people playing this game currently that a ton of them reach the destination at the same time and you are just a fraction of a second too late. However, it’s not a game breaking bug and the fix I shared with you will resolve the problem.

If you still can’t find a free house in Eden Falls in The Trail: A Frontier Journey after taking a trip back to your previous Camp (which is a checkpoint in the game), try again. But we never heard of anybody having to do this twice.

And this is it! You can now finally enjoy your stay in the city – even if you won’t actually stay there for too long – and all the new options it brings. And congratulations for making it there as the Trail itself is long and dangerous.

Do you have other game-related problems or questions regarding the city in The Trail game? Let us know by posting a comment below and we’ll gladly help!



  1. Sara Reply

    I can’t even enter Eden falls. I either go past it and can’t go back to it or I go to the campground right befor it and and have to head that way. Any thoughts because I can’t figure it out

    1. Idk Reply

      Eden falls can be confusing b cause onc you actually get there it doesn’t actually say eden falls it will say something like lochliff or redrock and that town that you go to is eden falls it can be a little confusing

  2. Syriah Vandiver Reply

    When I passed through Eden Falls there were no houses and so I didn’t know what to do so Ive continuued down the trail and have been for days (ACTUAL real time days) and realized now the compass button is just an information button and has disapeared. Now there’s no goal and there are tones of people walking with me stuck on this endless trail. I spent real money to get to Eden falls only to be stuck on this trail that doesn’t lead anywhere.

  3. Lora Reply

    I can’t get to Edan Falls? I really want to get there!! Maybe it’s because too many people at once are reaching there and everyone started to glitch out and not get there! Please help I really want to get there and build my beautiful house! Thanks for the game, Lora

  4. Apple Reply

    How do you leave your house to find another one somewhere else? I don’t like the team I seem to be stuck with. They keep creating boxes with items they barely have anything of. Also, how come we can only purchase on locked cheat?

  5. Diyan Reply

    I wish you could answer.. I reached a city but it is not eden falls…when I checked the map… it was same to everyone who commented up there..

  6. Joe Reply

    I have been going back to the previous campfire and entering Eden falls for 3 REAL days now. There are always 2 empty plots, but when I attempt to purchase them it says plot already taken, or unable to buy plot. Try again. I love this game, but am about to give up on it. What can I do?

    1. Kim Reply

      Same here. Every time I try to buy a plot, it gives me the unable message. Even get it when it allows me to be a founder. I go back to the last few camp sites and same thing. What’s the point now?

      1. Joe Reply

        Glad to hear it’s not just me. Sorry to hear it’s ruining you too. 5 (real) days later and I don’t see a solution, which means I don’t see a purpose continuing playing.
        Sad, cuz I love the concept

        1. Matt Reply

          I’m getting the same and have been for about 2 weeks. Very sad about it as it’s an awesome game. I’ve just created a customer support ticket. I’ll let you know if I get a result from them

  7. Sophie Reply

    I have made a house in Eden falls but it seems I cannot teleport to the town directly, like you would at a campsite. Is this a bug or just an inconvenience?

    1. Idk Reply

      Inconvenience. To get to the town directly hit the town button in the top right corner and just below that a house icon should pop up there you can tap on it and it will take you straight to your house

  8. katie ricotta Reply

    Every time I click on a building in the town it closes out the game. I have a house and I have upgraded it, but I can’t do anything else without the whole thing crashing.

  9. Will Liang Reply

    I keep trying to go back to the previous campsite, but there’s still not a empty plot (I’ve done this about 5 times). Help!

  10. Quinn you elizabeth Reply

    I am stuck. I can’t get in the boat because it costs 800 and I have 696 and if I go on the trail it only lets me go forward, to the boat. I need a traiding time because I have a whole bunch of stuff to traid but no trading time.

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