Pokemon Duel: How to Win Battles Easy

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Pokemon Duel has just been launched worldwide and right now everybody seems to love playing the game. We have all the reasons to be happy about it because it’s actually a really good strategy game with deck building elements.

Plus, it features our favorite Pokemon and allows us to battle other real players. What else can we wish for? (Yes, I know what everybody wants, but hopefully we’ll get a real Pokemon game eventually).

Until then, we should hone our skills and get the most from the Pokemon Duel battles and winning them easily is… well… easier than you might thing. And we are here to share with you our tips and tricks on how to win battles or duels easy in Pokemon Duel!

Before we proceed with our guide, let’s make some things clear: there are, at the moment of writing this, 140 Pokemon that we can unlock, evolve and level up.

All the Pokemon that we get in the game are random so the decks will vary greatly. Each Pokemon has their own skills, strengths and potential weaknesses.

So there are a lot of things to take into account when it comes to actually dueling other player (their decks included) – and this is exactly what makes this game so brilliant!

In other words, there is no particular strategy that works for all players and many factors should be considered.

But taking the random element aside, we’re still left with a bunch of very useful tips and tricks on how to win battles easy in Pokemon Duel! Let’s check them out below!

1. Probably the most important thing to care about is to look after your play square. If the enemy lands on it, they win and I managed to win many games because opponents left it unprotected.

Remember that there are special cards that they can use, allowing them to make unexpected moves and jump over your Pokemon. Best bet if you want to play it safe? Keep a Pokemon on the Play square to defend it!

2. Use fast Pokemon, especially early on. The fast Pokemon (those that can move 3 steps) are really useful because their mobility gives you more options in the game.

Also, if you use a slow Pokemon to start with, you will be limited for the next turn when it comes to the placement of your next Pokemon, as the first one will block one starting square.

Start with one – ideally two fast Pokemon and see afterwards what steps should be made and which Pokemon is wisest to play.

3. Try to get your opponent surrounded – this gives you an instant win over their Pokemon and reduces the chances of rolling a bad hand.

It is pretty difficult to get your opponent’s Pokemon surrounded, but you can do so by placing fast Pokemon on the map on all sides and slowly moving them towards your opponent.

They will have to guard on two fronts and usually they will let one area easier to attack and this will give you the upper hand in battle!

4. Focus on playing Pokemon first. On most occasions, I just pop 3-4 Pokemon on the board without even thinking about strategies too much (except for the type of Pokemon I play).

I always start with my most powerful Pokemon (highest attack rate) since it’s easier to defend and win battles with them.

Only after I have the required number on the board, I start moving them around and this usually results in a win because the opponent will be outnumbered.

Of course, you will have to adapt this strategy and adopt a different one if your opponent really threatens to win, but usually you can quickly pop up the numbers and get the extra numbers for the win.

5. You don’t really have to battle in most cases, it’s actually unwise to do so in many occasions.

For example, if an opponent’s Pokemon is in front of you and you start a duel that they win, you will lose your Pokemon and give them the chance to move forward and get the upper hand in battle.

That’s why I usually recommend playing the defensive game and wait for your opponent to attack: if they win, you can regroup or play a new Pokemon. If not, you can easily take advantage of their loss!

6. Your own experience in playing battles is very important. Make sure to try to learn as much as you can from your losses and try to see what you did wrong when you lost.

Sometimes, you will just go on an unlucky streak of rolls and that will cost you the game – there’s nothing you can do if this happens.

But if you’ve made some strategic mistakes, try to see which they were and make sure to never do those again (or, even better, force your opponent to commit them).

These would be our tips and tricks for winning duels in Pokemon Duel easily. If you have other battle tricks for those interested, you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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