Clash Royale Prince: Guide, Combos & Overview

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I had to wait a lot before I got the Prince card in Clash Royale – I was in Arena 3 when I got him, just a few trophies away from the 4th Arena, but it was all worth it because I completely love this card and I consider it one of the most useful cards in the game for the early Arenas. And since I just got him, I decided to share with you all the details, including tips and a complete guide to using it, plus a complete Clash Royale combos overview so that you can put the card to great use once you get it.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s find everything about the Clash Royale Prince card below!

Clash Royale Prince overview


A card with more than decent health (starts with 1,100 hit points), the Prince’s main job is to deal a ton of damage. He has an unique feature: he starts sprinting, and once he does that, he does twice the regular damage when he hits the target. In other words, if he starts running, he’s a real beast and extremely useful. It’s not uncommon to have an unguarded Prince single-handedly destroy an Arrow tower. He costs 5 Elixir and is an Epic card. I totally agree, just look at his stats:


Prince Combos & How to Use

Here is a video I made showing the strategy that I use with the Prince – it’s in its early forms, soon after I got the card, but you can still see that it works:

I consider this a good strategy that can be improved a lot and put to great use.

People might have different strategies, but I love to use the Prince as a Chuck Norris of the game, a Lone Wolf McQuade of Clash Royale. In other words, my strategy when using the Prince is to send one or two troops as decoys – apparently attacking one tower, wait for the opponent to drop the defense/counter cards and when they’re out of Elixir, drop the Prince on the other side and enjoy the destruction.

So regarding good Prince combos, even though you could indeed pair the guy with some cards in your deck, I believe that he’s best left alone, taking advantage of your opponent’s lack of defense and taking out the towers single-handledly before the opponent can react. However, if you really want to pair him up with somebody, there are a few nice combos that work: either send the Prince in Battle slightly after deploying a Baby Dragon or after deploying a Giant. These are both combos with very high Elixir cost, so it’s better to leave them for the last minute when you get double Elixir, otherwise they are extremely risky.

Pairing the Prince with other single cards that have high damage (like the Mini Pekka, Knight, Valkyrie and so on) could be a good idea, because they will take out the enemy troops fast and rush for the tower. The weakness of this combo is a Skeleton army or something similar, so you have to adapt after seeing what cards your opponent has.

The prince is also extremely useful in defensive duties, although that’s a bit of a waste of potential. However, if you are seeing a big card coming from afar – and especially if that’s a lonely send, the Prince can easily take them out: just deploy the Prince at the lower side of the screen so he gets the chance to start running and he will quickly take out Giants, Giant Skeletons and other single targets. But in my opinion, the best use is as a powerful surprise attack unit.

These would be my thoughts and tips about the Prince card in Clash Royale. If you have some opinions to share or maybe different strategies and combos, don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment below!


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