Clash Royale Guide: How to Get More Gems & Gold in the Game

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In this article, we’re going to talk about the currency in Clash Royale: how to get more Gems and Gold coins in the game. Both currencies are very difficult to get and if you don’t want to pay real life money, then you should be prepared to wait quite some time in order to be able to progress. But the truth is that there’s no hurry anyway, so you can still completely do it without spending a cent or a penny and now it’s time to cover all the methods of making money in Clash Royale, as well as making gems.

How to get Gold in Clash Royale

We’ll start with the regular currency, which are the Gold Coins. Gold is used to upgrade your cards after you have collected enough of them and they can also be used to purchase cards from the store. Although a regular currency, coins are very difficult to get and even though at first you will consider that you have more than enough, you will soon find out that a gold shortage is always possible. So here are all the current ways to get Gold in Clash Royale:

1. Don’t waste it! I know that this is not really a method to make more money, but it does help a TON. Don’t upgrade cards that you are not going to use because that’s just a waste of money. Keep your gold, treasure it and when you know what you’re doing, start upgrading the solid cards you have and plan to use.

2. Donate troops – for every troop that you donate, you get some gold coins (you get more if you donate rarer cards).

3. Open chests – every chest that you open, no matter how rare or common it is, will reward you with some Gold. The rarer the chest, the more you get, but try to get a system working where you open chests as soon as they are unlocked and you’re always working on unlocking a new one.

4. Purchase some gold. I consider this the best use for your gems, so don’t hesitate to spend some Gems to purchase gold coins and use them to upgrade your troops. Buy the second option because it is the best and doesn’t cost a fortune!

How to get more Gems in Clash Royale

Gems are even more difficult to get than regular gold and you can use them to either purchase new chests from the store, get some gold or rush the timer on the chests that you’re trying to open after winning battles. Here are all the methods of getting Gems in the game:

1. Open the free chest and the crown chest. You can open one free chest every three hours (and you can stack up to two free chests), while the Crown chest is opened every 24 hours after, but you need 10 crowns to open it. You will only get a small amount of Gems each time, so if that’s the only method to make Gems, it will take a while to get to your first 500 to make that gold purchase.

2. Buy them from the store. There are discounts offered for purchasing larger quantities, so you should always go for that. For example, for $1 you get 80 Gems, but if you spend $5, you receive 500 (so 100 free Gems). Even more, if you spend $10, you get 1,200 Gems, which is 200 more than you would get from purchasing a $5 package and a whooping 400 Gems more compared to the first option. Here are your options:


In other words, it would be smart to wait and make more expensive purchases, than lots of cheap ones. Instead of getting 5 fistful of gems, just wait the amount of days you’d be spending the $1 for getting them, then purchase the Pouch of Gems. Keep on doing this to get more Gems for your buck or whatever currency you’re using!

These would be all the methods of getting Gold and gems in Clash Royale. Stay away from hacking or doing anything like that, since you will get banned and you’re basically just ruining a beautiful game!


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