Boxes – Lost Fragments Walkthrough Chapter 1 Part 2

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Here I am again with the walkthrough that will give you all the answers you need to solve and open all the boxes in Boxes – Lost Fragments Chapter 1 Part 2.

You can find Boxes – Lost Fragments Chapter 1 Part 1 walkthrough right here, if you haven’t figured out how to open up the previous boxes.

As a famous thief, your task takes you to a big and fancy house. Inside, you discover some puzzle boxes with a mysterious purpose. What was supposed to be a fast job slowly becomes a tough fight to escape.

You can find Boxes – Lost Fragments on Steam, and soon you’ll be able to download it on your phone.

Boxes – Lost Fragments Chapter 1 Walkthrough Part 2

Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 1 4th Box
  • As you go to solve the 4th box, the metal octopus on this side of the box has one eye out.
  • Pressing on it will give you a seahorse metal figure.
  • The other octopus has an anchor if you press its eye.
  • At the back of the box, there are two wing ornaments that you can pull up and find a clam shell.
  • Use the anchor to open the glass box in front of the main chest.
  • Take the model ship and use the clam shell on the front of the big chest.
  • Take the pearl and insert it in the hole on the lid.
  • Move the levers up and down until they all turn blue.
Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 1 4th Box Levers
  • As it opens you’ll see another note and a new mini game.
  • Look at the model ship in your inventory and pull on the nub to extend the stand from the bottom.
  • Put it on the tracks and you need to lead the ship to the middle where the hole is.
  • Once you bring the ship to the middle by switching the tracks as it moves, a glass box will show up with a bigger ship inside.
  • On the side, there’s a place where you can put the seahorse there.
  • Pull on it and the wick will light up, causing the canons to shoot and break the glass.
  • Pull down on the front of the boat to open up the door to go down below.
  • You need to solve this mini-game you find below by catching the octopus so it can’t move and not be able to escape once it reaches the red pieces.
  • Once you solved that, you’ll get a ship wheel that you can put it on the boat outside, as it was missing.
  • Turning the wheel will reveal a prism and with that you’ll be sent outside again.
  • Go to the knight’s armor and rotate it’s shield so it makes room for something in the middle.
  • Add the bear figurine so the shield moves to the side.
  • Open the chest part and slide the gear to the left.
  • Look at the clock on the left wall, open the door, and insert the hourglass figurine.
  • Go on the opposite wall and insert the owl figurine there.
  • move the nubs left and right so they align with the other blue marks.
  • Move the owl up and down to see where the marks are.
  • Pull on the lever, and slide the nub on the table in front from right to left.
  • Set the prism on the beam of light that appears.
  • You just found another token.
  • Go to the altar behind and add the token to it.
  • The platform you’re on will start moving up taking you to the next chapter.

Wrapping up

Come back soon and I’ll have Boxes – Lost Fragments Chapter 2 walkthrough, with all the answers you need to solve all the boxes and finish the chapter.

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