The Best Horde in Age of Apes

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You don’t have a lot of in-game information to base your decision of choosing the best horde in Age of Apes when you first start playing. This is why I am creating this article: to help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the hordes and know which is the best one to choose.

The Best Horde in Age of Apes is Deadly Shooters if you are planning to play a more offensive, PvP based game. Alternately, you can choose the Razorteeth Hunters which are optimized to do better in PvE, thus making it easier for you to grow your city fast. Both are great factions to choose.

Now let’s read on and see why I believe that you’d do better choosing any of the two hordes above and what makes them stand out over the rest.

We’ll start with a quick overview of each horde that’s currently in the game. They are made unique by three distinct bonuses that they offer to their players. Check them out below!

Prestigious Royals

Motto: “It’s simple with those haughty monkeys: it’s their way or the highway. If by “highway” you mean shotgun”.

Unique bonuses:

  • Troop Health: +3%
  • Troop Load: +5%
  • AP Restore: +3% Faster

Rogue Gunners

Motto: “Smart monkeys, probably too into their guns though. For them, orders are more like… guidelines. Expect mayhem and MANY bullets”

Unique bonuses:

  • Hitter defense: +3%
  • Building speed: +3%
  • Food gathering speed: +3%

Deadly Shooters

Motto: “Strong apes, but very… unsubtle. Would rather shoot first and ask questions never. A problem is only a problem if they can’t shoot it”.

Unique bonuses:

  • Shooter Attack: +5%
  • Hospital Capacity: +5,000
  • Energy Restore: 3% faster

Ace Mechanics

Motto: “Inventive, probably too inventive. Like, don’t leave your tech near them. Everything is for science, especially when said science is the more… explosive kind”.

Unique bonuses:

  • Pilot Defense: +5%
  • Resource Production Speed: +5%
  • Healing Speed: +3%

Bomb Disciples

Motto: “These monkeys are into explosions. Big explosions. Small explosions. More explosions. Boom. Explosions”

Unique bonuses:

  • Wall Breaker Attack: +6%
  • Training Speed: +5%
  • Iron gathering speed: 2% faster

Razorteeth Hunters

Motto: They belive only in strength and don’t care at all about the so called “human ancestry”. Treasures and honor are only for the strongest ones.

Unique bonuses:

  • PvE Damage: +10%
  • AP Restore: 5% faster
  • March Speed: 3% faster

What is the best horde (faction) in Age of Apes?

I would say that these factions are pretty much balanced and a skilled player with a solid alliance should have no problem doing really well no matter what horde they picked. However, I do believe that there are better options than others, as I have already told you.

So let’s see why I consider that the Razorteeth Hunters and the Deadly Shooters are sharing the top spot and are the best horde in Age of Apes, with a slight advantage for the former.

The Razorteeth Hunters are brilliant because you get a faction that’s faster than most when it comes to attacking other players or monsters on the map. Their action points restore faster as well, making it possible for the really active players to simply be able to perform more actions. Finally, the boost in damage that they deal in PvE makes it easier for them to destroy higher level White Monkeys, but also conquer important landmarks easier.

At the same time, they’re not really a farming-oriented, PvE only horde. The AP restore and March Speed boosts will prove very helpful in PvP situations as well, even though the PvE damage boost will, of course, not count. A really good, well balanced and very powerful horde and by far my top choice.

The Deadly Shooters come in second and are better suited for the more PvP oriented players. Your energy restores faster, meaning that you can teleport across the map more often, attacking unwary players and retreating, jumping on and off the map doing bad things to weak players and not only.

They also get a really solid boost that many people ignore: the 5,000 extra beds in the hospital are extremely useful and specifically so for the PvP oriented players.

This way, you will have 5,000 less troops that will potentially be lost when attacked or attacking, and this is massive and extremely useful in the late stages of the game.

Sure, this doesn’t matter much for most players, but those who know that they will be very active and especially aggressive, it’s great news. You don’t even need attack boosts or anything else when you can have the largest army ever! Combine that with the best fighter and everything will go perfect!

In conclusion, I would say that the Deadly Shooters is the perfect horde for the PvP oriented players, while the Razorteeth Hunters are great for those who don’t plan to make attacking other players their main thing in the game. But both hordes are really versatile and offer solid options to all types of play.

Now that we’ve got this settled, why not check out the Age of Apes tips that I shared in the previous article? Maybe you’ll learn a new trick or two. Also, if you disagree with my choices, don’t hesitate to let me know and share your favorite!


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