Age of Apes: What Are Batteries and How to Use Them?

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If you have just started playing the game and didn’t pay too much attention to the tutorial, you might end up wondering what are all those batteries for, how to use them or where to get more from.

Don’t ignore them, because they are very important and you need them in very large numbers, even if early on it might seem that you have enough to last you a lifetime.

Batteries are one very special type of resource in Age of Apes, a resource that can only be used in some very particular situations. But they are extremely useful through their main role: that of providing your base with resources, as well as the secondary one related to exploration.

Main Use: Charging Holo Projector

Age of Apes Batteries: Projector

The Holo Projector in Age of Apes is an important building. Not only because it is the home of your scouts, as the game seems to try to convince you. But it’s the Holo Projector that produces resources constantly for your city. And, as you probably have guessed it by now, it needs batteries in order to work properly.

The number of batteries it needs, as well as the number of resources it produces and how much it can remain active for depends on the level of the projector itself.

But it should go without saying that you should always have it active, operating and producing resources as that is the only way your city produces them.

In order to charge your Holo Projector with batteries, simply tap it in the city view and then tap again the battery icon.

You will then be taken to a window like the one above where you can decide how many batteries to use for powering it up. You should, of course, always use the maximum amount to keep the projector running 24/7.

Secondary use: removing fog

When you start playing the game, there’s not much of the world around you that you know. It’s all covered with fog and you will eventually reveal most of it by sending out scouts. But this takes a lot of time.

If you want to quickly remove the fog from the map – maybe in order to get a head start on planning routes to landmarks or expansion plans for your alliance – you can use batteries. The price for doing so is not that big, just 10 batteries needed to remove a large chunk of fog:

If you decide to do this, you’ll have a quick animation showing you that the instant illumination has been completed and you will now see the entire new area:

While this is definitely helpful and worth doing under special circumstances and depending on your activity level, don’t rush just yet to use all your batteries on removing the fog. You will really need a lot of them for resource production in the long run. But removing 10-20 bits of fog? Definitely not a problem!

Just have in mind that there is a cooldown timer involved in this fast fog removal: you just can’t go gung ho and spend 1000 batteries at once to reveal the entire world map! So plan ahead carefully and constantly use the illuminate feature to stay ahead of the rest in terms of world knowledge.

How to get more batteries in Age of Apes?

You will receive batteries as rewards for performing all sorts of tasks in the game, from completing regular missions or daily missions and even for defeating enemies on the map. So simply following our tips and tricks will help you have a lot of these and never worry about them.

But the main way of getting more batteries is from collecting Uranium. Send your troops to create Convoys where Uranium is found and, based on the amount you collect, you will receive batteries as a reward. Even shorter trips that give you 100k Uranium should still provide you with enough batteries.

Remember that you probably have a ton of them already stored in your inventory. Just click the “Items” button and check your resources. If needed, you can always get some more from there.

And this is all that you should know about batteries in Age of Apes. If you still have additional questions, let me know!


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  1. Actually, there is a third and fourth use:

    For third use :

    you will need batteries for research in lab in the third section, i have spent tons of batteries there and still far from completing all the research

    For forth use :

    Starting from CH 2X, you will need batteries to upgrade any building, and trust me, you will run out of batteries more than any other ressources, as they re the hardest to gather, and the easiest to spend.

    Don’t wast your batteries…


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