94% Answers: Level 41 – 44 Solutions

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We’re about to share with you the last four levels of the amazing 94% game and we’ve had a great ride so far. So let’s get ready to check out in this article the 94% answers for level 41, level 42, level 43 and level 44 – the final levels that bring us to 100% completion ration, even though some updates might come with extra levels.

Don’t forget that all levels are randomized for each player, even though the questions in each level are not. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, search our website for the phrase you need or simply check out all our previously published articles: levels 1 – 3, levels 4 – 7, levels 8 – 12, levels 13 – 16, levels 17 – 20, levels 21 – 25, levels 26 – 30, levels 31 – 35 and levels 36 – 40. And now let’s move on and let’s check out below the 94% answers for levels 41 – 44!

94% Answers: Level 41

94% Parts of an airplane: Cockpit, Seats, Engine, Tail, Landing Gear, Wing, Window, Nose
94% Something you do before you go to bed: Brush teeth, pee, brush hair, TV, Read, Pajamas, Shower
94% Image of a cactus: Hot, desert, cactus, Dry, Mountain

94% Answers: Level 42

94% It smells good: Flower, Soap, Food, Clean Laundry, Perfume, Candle
94% Facebook: Friends, Messenger, Blue, Status, Like, Social, Photos, Share
94% Image of record: Needle, Old, Record, Spin, Music, Player

94% Answers: Level 43

94% Job You Wanted to do when you were a kid: Doctor, Singer, Actor, Police officer, Firefighter, Astronaut, Veterinarian, Teacher, Pilot
94% It’s round: Ball, orange, Head, Sun, Moon, Earth, Circle
94% Image of onion: Onion, Cry, Cooking, Healthy, Pepper

94% Answers: Level 44

94% A good place to party: Club, Pool, Park, Beach, Bar, House
94% Dentist: Filling, Pain, Chair, Teeth, Drill, Braces, Clean
94% Image of kid in a toy airplane: Sky, Fly, Dream, Child, Plane

And this is it! We have now completed all the levels in the game and we can only hope that more are coming!


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