94% Answers: Level 26, Level 27, Level 28, Level 29 & Level 30

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We are back with a bunch of new answers for the amazing 94% puzzle game, and this time we’re going to get well past the half line of the game with a complete set of solutions to levels 26 – 30 or five new levels that might give you some headaches. So as the title says, in this article we have the 94% answers for level 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30!

This game brings the levels in a random order to each player, but the sets of three questions are the same, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, use the search function on this website and you will. Alternately, you can check out all our previous articles with answers: levels 1 – 3, levels 4 – 7, levels 8 – 12, levels 13 – 16, levels 17 – 20 and levels 21 – 25. Now let’s move on and check out more solutions below:

94% Answers: Level 26

94% Green Vegetables: Lettuce, Peas, Peppers, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cucumber, Cabbage, Spinach, Beans
94% It’s forbidden on a plane: Weapon, Shouting, Lighter, Smoking
94% Image of car and palm trees: Beach, Vacation, Palm Trees, Hippie, Summer, Van

94% Answers: Level 27

94% Children Love It: Candy, Ice Cream, Parents, Animals, Games, Toys
94% Countries involved in WWII: USA, Germany, Soviet Union, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan
94% Image of upset guy in the office: Stress, Work, Computer, Anger

94% Answers: Level 28

94% It gets dirty quickly: Laundry, Hands, Kids, Car, House, Shoes, Dishes
94% It’s soft: Pillow, Cotton, Cloud, Teddy Bear, Feather, Blanket, Hair
94% Image of cup of coffee: Coffee, Hot, Morning, Tea, Mug

94% Answers: Level 29

94% Countries in South America: Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay
94% It’s slow: Turtle, Computer, Sloth, Traffic, Snail
94% Image of wood pile: Wood, Tree, Fog, Forest, Deforestation, Log

94% Answers: Level 30

94% People collect them: Dolls, Stamps, Rocks, Coins, Cards, Cars, Books
94% Pregnant woman: Parent, Birth, Baby, Hormonal, Glowing, Belly, Craving
94% Image of pills: Sick, Pain, Doctor, Medicine

And this is it! We have now completed five more levels in the great 94% game and we’ve reached level 30! But there are a bunch more left for us to complete, so make sure to check back for even more answers!

UPDATE: We have just published the answers to five more levels: click here to be among the first to check them out!


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