94% Answers: Level 21, Level 22, Level 23, Level 24 & Level 25

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We’ve decided to make it even easier for you to find the answers for the 94% levels that you’re stuck at, so starting with this article, we’ll share the solutions for 5 levels at a time! This means that right now we’re about to find out the 94% answers for level 21, level 22, level 23, level 24 and level 25. Wow!

In case you don’t know already, all the levels come in a different order for each player, but the questions are the same. So if you can’t find the answer to the question you’re looking for in this article, simply search on this website for your question and you will surely get your answers! Alternately, you can check our previous sets of answers: levels 1 – 3, levels 4 – 7, levels 8 – 12, levels 13 – 16 and levels 17 – 20. Now let’s move on and let’s check out the 94% answers for levels 21 to 25 below!

94% Answers: Level 21

94% types of music: Rock, Classical, Dance, Country, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggae
94% Things used by a police officer: Baton, Car, Radio, Flashlight, Gun, Taser, Badge, Hancuffs
94% Image of laptop and glasses: Work, Laptop, Glasses, Office, Mouse

94% Answers: Level 22

94% Things that go around: Wheel, Ball, Earth, Clock, Merry Go Round, Roundabout
94% String instruments: Violin, Harp, Piano, Bass, Cello, Guitar
94% Image of handshake: Handshake, Business, Meeting, Deal

94% Answers: Level 23

94% Equipment used by Indiana Jones: Knife, Gun, Torch, Map, Whip, Boots, Bag, Hat
94% It brings bad luck: Black cat, umbrella, Friday 13th, Salt, Mirror, Ladder
94% Image of match on fire: Fire, Flame, hot, Burn, Match

94% Answers: Level 24

94% Animals hatched from eggs: Snake, Fish, Lizard, Turtle, Crocodile, Bird
94% James Bond: Spy, Suit, Girls, Car, Gun, 007, Movie, Action
94% Image of blackboard with formulas on it: School, Hard, Math, Einstein, Chalk, Board

94% Answers: Level 25

94% It’s yellow: Flower, Sun, Tennis ball, Banana, Duck, Bee, Lemon, Corn
94% Words used by the weatherman: Sun, Wind, Cloud, Temperature, Storm, Cold, Rain, Hot
94% Image of alarm clock: Time, Wake-up, Alarm, Late, Bed

And this is it! We have now completed all the levels up to level 25, but there’s still a lot left for us to complete. If you get stuck again, don’t hesitate to visit App Amped again and we’ll have for you the correct answers!

UPDATE: We have solved 5 more levels just for you, so click here to check them out and keep on playing!


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