10 Best Jumanji Epic Run Tips & Tricks to Play Better

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As a huge fan of the original Jumanji, I was pleasantly surprised with the reboot and its sequel. But what really made me happy was the launch of Jumaji: Epic Run, an endless runner game for mobile so that you can get a bite of the entire Jumanji experience.

Playing as Mouse, Smolder, Ruby or Shelly, you will run and collect goodies, have fun and try to get as far as possible. And we’re here to help you with this last part.

We have gathered the best Jumanji: Epic Run tips and tricks and grouped then together in this guide below. Check them out and prepare for truly epic runs!

1. Focus on getting as far as possible

Being an endless runner game, Jumanji Epic Run’s main challenge is for you to get as far as possible and score as many points as possible.

There are many ways to increase your point counts. Simply running and getting far is the main one. But you have expert dodges available which, even though risky, once pulled will give you extra points. There are also power-ups to help you get ahead.

Keep an eye out on the obstacles that are coming and try to stick to the middle lane in the game for as long as possible. This gives you more options as you advance through the levels.

The pace of the game increases as you go: starting at a low, almost frustratingly simple pace, it will get extremely fast eventually. Prepare for those moments and make sure that your fingers and eyes are well rested. You will end up needing huge reaction times in order to keep going.

jumanji epic run tips

2. Always continue your run

Eventually, you will fail. You will hit an obstacle, miss a jump or a slide. You can’t really run endlessly. It’s OK.

The good thing is that the game gives you the option to continue the run. You should always take it, as you can get anything from just a few extra points to doubling your score or more.

While other games require premium currency to let you keep going, in Jumanji Epic Run you will have to watch an ad to do so. Especially if you’re close to breaking your record or on a good run already, take advantage of this.

3. How to get more gold in Jumanji Epic Run

Even if you are a competitive freak like me and you want to always get the best score possible, gold matters more. Or a lot.

If you need extra money for an upgrade or something, you should switch your focus from running to collecting those gold bars. This will probably result in lower overall scores, but you have to prioritize.

4. Grab those power-ups

Thrown away randomly on the course are power-ups. They don’t spawn as often as we’d like them to, which makes them even more valuable. Make sure to collect them whenever they appear.

Getting back to the previous trick, for example, we have the Gold Doubler power-up which doubles the amount of gold you get for a limited amount of time. You can get the Magnet which draws all the coins around or the Shield that gives you extra protection.

Very interesting is the Dune Buggy one which help you get far fast – and collect a lot of Gold Bars easily along the way. But all power-ups are really useful, make sure to grab them all!

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5. Complete the tasks at the bottom

Jumanji Epic Run has a pretty unique approach to the mission system. It will give you challenges one at a time during your run and, depending on your performance during the run, will reward you more or less.

The tasks that you have to complete are listed at the bottom and vary from collecting a specific power-up to defeating bad guys and everything in between.

When you complete a task, a new one pops up. Sometimes they seem to go up in difficulty as well, but other times they don’t. It’s all random.

You should still focus on completing as many tasks as possible during each run. Completing five in a row will reward you with a loot chest. These contain all sort of goodies and are extremely valuable. Even more of a reason to get those tasks completed!

6. Loot boxes everywhere!

Apart from the loot box that you get from completing missions, you have other means of getting some more – and you should take advantage of them if you have the resources.

The Special loot box costs 2,000 coins, while the Legendary one is 80 Berries (the game’s premium currency). They both have great rewards, but need quite the investment to be had. So unless you have an excess of resources – and especially early on – don’t invest in those.

You can get a free loot box each day by watching an ad. Do that and complete the in-game missions for the free boxes and you’re all set. You need those resources to upgrade your characters and power-ups, which should be a priority.

7. How to unlock more characters

Even though you will only have a favorite that you will use most of the time, you will surely want to unlock all characters in Jumanji Epic Run.

In order to do so, you will have to complete the Adventure Map. You need three pieces for each map and completing it will unlock a new character, as well as a new zone for you to play in.

This is pretty straightforward and even though not fast, especially if you are a free-to-play player, it will happen sooner rather than later. So keep running and collect those resources in order to unlock all characters in the game.

8. Level up the special abilities of your characters

jumanji epic run tips special abilities

Each of the characters that you unlock and can play as has a special ability. You will unlock their ability once you reach a specific score during a run.

While all abilities work about the same, you will find some are more useful than others. For example, you can like Ruby’s nun-chucks better than Smolder’s boomerang. It all varies from player to player, but they are all good and useful.

And they can be upgraded. Spend gold on leveling them up, as they get better and last longer. But only focus on the character you enjoy playing the most. No need to level up special abilities you will never use, right?

Even better, the special abilities are tied to the character and not their costume. So even if you switch to a different costume, the character’s special ability will remain upgraded!

9. The double swipe

Did you know that if you are on the right- or left-most lane and quickly swipe twice in the other direction, your character will move to the other side?

Now you know! Put this to good use as it makes navigating through the game easier and you will get more chances at grabbing those goodies and getting back to safety afterwards.

10. Costumes and Power-ups

Each character in Jumanji Epic Run can equip different costumes. There are four costumes for each character. Every new costume comes with different maximum power-up boost numbers.

The lowest maximum stats are for your standard costume (the starting one), while the best are for the Mountain Costume. The latter costs a lot of gems (premium currency), so early on and especially if you are a free to play player, you will focus on leveling up the Vintage or even Standard costumes.

Try to invest a minimum amount of coins – unless you have a lot of surpluss – in costumes that you won’t use. No need to waste resources. As soon as you get a top costume, like the Mountain one, invest in it without a worry because there’s not a better one available.

Unlike Special Abilities, costume upgrades won’t carry over. So even if you max out the Standard costume’s power-up boosts, when you unlock the next one, you will have to start from scratch.

This rounds up our Jumanji Epic Run guide. If you have extra tips and tricks to share with the world, do let us know! Game on!


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