Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Guide: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena for mobile is a beautiful turn based strategy that mixes Heroes of Might and Magic elements with modern RPG mechanics and card collecting elements. An surprisingly good result in the end and a type of game I would love to see more often created by developers worldwide.

But today we’re focusing on Tactical Monsters for iOS and Android. We have a complete guide for the game and our Tactical Monsters tips and tricks will surely help you get the most out of the game, build the perfect squad and win all battles easily.

So if you’re just starting to play or you want to make sure that you are indeed doing all the right things to be a better player, read on for some Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena tips and tricks.

Arrange your troops before battle
You should take time before each battle to arrange the troops on the field in order to get the best from their original positions. This might sound like an useless thing to do, but sometimes simply having a troop positioned one hexagon higher or lower can make the difference between a win or a loss. Or, to be more fair, between two or three stars.

So look at the enemies you are facing, their positions and especially the obstacles in the way and decide what’s the best arrangement for your monsters. Sometimes you will know better after ending the battle, so don’t be afraid about replaying and rearranging your monsters before battle!

Also, the direction from which you attack can make a difference. Try to look at blocking the way to your weaker troops by placing the high health ones in the way. Always look for options and make the best strategic choice for your current battle!

Waiting is smart
Jumping straight into battle and sending your troops head firs might sound like fun, but it’s not always a good idea. Always look at the order of attacks in the bottom left corner to decide if it’s better to wait or move.

You will see that in many cases, waiting for your opponent to make the first move is better. This way, their troops will get within range of your melee troops and you will end up causing more damage as well with the ranged units. Remember, one troop will retaliate after being attacked, but if you are the first to attack and take them out… there will be no troop left to retaliate!

Ranged units are the devil
…or so seems to believe the AI. I personally don’t think that’s the case on most occasions. It is true that having troops hit yours from a distance is never fun, but usually the ranged units are far away and causing little damage.

More dangerous are the melee units which can get close. Once they do, they can block your ranged units and have them deliver little damage in return. They will also deal a lot of damage to your ranged units, which generally have low defense and health.

Therefore, it’s better on most occasions to simply target the melee units first and take them out before taking the ranged ones out. Even more, the ranged units will charge their special skill faster if you also shoot at them and might deal a ton of unwanted damage if you don’t get in time to them. But if you are patient, take out the melee units and slowly move your melee heroes towards them, you can easily deal with them and take them out before it’s too late.

Best use for Gems in the game
If you’re not paying for Gems in the game, you will find out that after the initial run of free gems that you get from completing tasks and whatnot, it’s actually pretty difficult to get your hands on some solid gems in Tactical Monsters. So spending them wisely will help you achieve more and improve your winning chances even further.

My recommendation would be to raise enough money to buy one or even two Gold Chests in the store in order to get more cards and a fighting chance in the long run. A mystery chest would definitely offer a lot more for the money, but it’s also a lot more difficult to get the required amount of gems (although not impossible). It all depends on how much are you willing to wait and how active you are when it comes to getting the free gems.

Afterwards, it would be best to spend your gems on Gold in order to have the money required to upgrade your cards and keep the daily rewards (and all the other rewards) as your main source for new cards. The PvP arena is an extremely good way to get good cards, for example.

Get free gems easily
Early on, there are a ton of possibilities to earn a ton of free gems – from reaching a specific stage after starting to play (200 free gems!) to joining the Discord channel of the game, these are all great chances to get a ton of free gems easily so make sure you take advantage.

Afterwards, you should focus on completing the missions daily, logging in on a daily basis will give you extra gems for free.

Be smart when spending money

One extremely simple way to get cheap new monsters is by visiting the cards shop. You can get a new (or existing) Epic for 20 coins only and this alone offers a huge advantage early on in the game. For example, I got Dracula from the store and upgraded him once for just a few coins and it was well worth it.

The rarest of them all (the purple ones) are a lot more expensive, but it’s also worth buying one early on, especially if you get a good draw. The monster cards constantly change, though, so keep an eye on that and purchase when the price is right and, even more important, when the card is right!

A beautiful and complex game like this one can definitely benefit for even more advanced tips and tricks, so if you have any additions to make to our Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena guide, don’t hesitate to let us know by publishing a comment below.


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