Underground Blossom Chapter 3 – School Street Walkthrough

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This walkthrough for Underground Blossom Chapter 3 has all the clues you need to get your ticket ad get on to your next train.

Today you’re going to help Laura get her photos back. If you’ve seen her in the last chapter, for which I wrote a walkthrough, you’ll notice she’s not a little girl anymore.

Grab your detective cap, and follow my lead, because tit’s time for some detective work and find out who has her photos.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough – Chapter 3: School Street

Underground Blossom - Chapter 3 School Street Walkthrough
  • Look on the ground and take piece of paper on the right.
  • Tap on it until it fold enough times to make a paper plane.
  • The other item on the ground is a wrapper, tap on it and take the peanut from inside.
  • Move to the right where the 4 students are standing.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 3 School Street 4 Students
  • Check the can on the floor and take the sausage from inside. Use the nut driver if you need.
  • If you go to the right, there’s the platform where the train just left, and the clock.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 3 School Street Clock
  • Again to the right and there’s another group of students, three on one side, and 1 on the other side.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 3 School Street Students Gossip
  • The lonely boy has a notebook in hand with “School Gossip”
    • Sam is in love with Johnny.
    • Tess hates sausages.
    • Franky stole something from Alex.
    • Bobby is Afraid of airplanes.
    • Jimmy has a peanut allergy.
    • Laura is always alone.
  • The picture are scrambled so you have to test out the peanut, plane, and sausage on people so you figure out who’s who.
  • The girl with black hair and only one earing has a note in her left pocket that will clue you in who’s Sam and Johnny.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 3 School Street School Gossip
  • Give Hank the peanut, the paper plane, and the sausage, and he’ll give you a worm.
  • Look at the shadow of the bird above and give it the worm, it will fly away so tap the egg when it leaves.
  • It will fall in Johnny’s head, so you can look through his bag.
  • There’s a notebook with a lock.
  • To find the code you need to use the ruler to measure the objects:
    • Candy: 6
    • Sharpener: 3
    • Cigarette: 7
  • The code is 637
  • It seems like Johnny stole Laura’s photos.
  • Go give the photos back to Laura.
  • She’ll be grateful for them and tell you your train leaves at 14:45
  • Before switching the clock arrows, go to the ticket machine and press the buttons in order.
    • One arrow means 1 button in that direction.
    • Arrows pointing in different directions means you can choose which way to go.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 3 School Street Ticket Pattern
  • It will give you a metro ticket when you’re done.
  • Now you can go to the clock, set it to 14:45 so your train arrives.
  • Give your ticket to the ticket collector to mark it, enter the train and tap to go.

Wrapping up

Now that you hopped on the train again, you have to get ready for a new station in the future. Next stop will be Bird Bridge Station and there will be more puzzles and mysteries for you to solve.

I’ll see you back in my next walkthrough for Underground Blossom Chapter 4, so I can give you all the clues you need to help you hop on another train again.


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