Underground Blossom Chapter 1 – Crib Station Walkthrough

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Another day, another walkthrough full of puzzles and mysteries, this time for Underground Blossom Chapter 1 – Crib Station, by Rusty Lake games.

This captivating escape puzzle game invites you to immerse yourself in a realm of hidden mysteries that will test your wit, logic, and observational skills to their limits.

In this walkthrough, I’ll guide you through every twist and turn of Underground Blossom, providing step-by-step solutions to each puzzle, along with insightful tips and strategies to help you along with this journey.

You are at a metro station ready to board your train. As soon as you enter the train, your adventure begins. So follow my lead in order to finish the first chapter.

Here’s the video walkthrough I made for Underground Blossom Chapter 1 Crib Station, if you need a visual of how to do things. If not you can still follow my written walkthrough below.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough – Chapter 1: Crib Station

Underground Blossom - Chapter 1 Crib Station Walkthrough
  • After you get out on your first station the lady with the crib has a suitcase on the right.
  • Open it and take the baby bottle from inside and matches.
  • Look inside the crib and take the safety pin above the baby’s head.
  • Pull down the blanket and give the baby her bottle
  • You can look around to a bit so tap the right arrow.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 1 Crib Station Poster
  • Open the box laying on the ground and take the iron saw and the cloth.
  • Use the saw to cut the metal bar of the sewer on the ground and take the rod.
  • Use the rod to kick over the key and take it.
  • Now go to the right again.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 1 Crib Station Clock
  • You’ll see your train leaving and you can take a closer look at the clock, you’ll come back to it later.
  • Moving to the right again you’ll find the ticket booth.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 1 Crib Station Ticket Booth
  • Check the ticket booth on the left, and use the key in the lock.
  • Turn it and drag the door up. There’s a lady there that is sleeping so do your best to wake her up (maybe use the rod).
  • Go right again to the lady with the baby.
  • Check on the baby, put the cloth on her and add the safety pin.
  • Wait for her to get her diaper dirty and take it.
  • Go to the trashcan and throw the dirty diaper inside, after you remove the lid.
  • Light the matches above the trashcan and it will start a fire.
  • Tap the bin and take the scraper from the ground.
  • Go to where the poster on the wall was.
  • Use the scraper to scratch the poster to see the message behind.
Underground Blossom - Chapter 1 Crib Station Poster Symbols
  • Remember those symbols and go back to the lady and check her necklace.
  • Press them to open the clock at her neck and remember the time: 10:15
  • Go to where the clock on the station is and turn the arrows to match that time.
  • When the train arrives in the station, go inside and take a coin from inside the pocket of the ticket collector.
  • Go back to the ticket booth and give that lady the coin for a ticket to the next station.
  • Take the ticket and go to the train giving it to the ticket collector and help him stamp your ticket.
  • Now enter the train and close the door and tap for it to start moving.

Wrapping up

If you did everything right you’ll be able to take the train to the next station. I’ll make sure to help you out at your next station.

Come back for another walkthrough for Chapter 2 Child Lane Underground Blossom, and follow me to get all the answers you need to finish the game.


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