This Is the Complete List of Characters in Dissidia Opera Omnia and How to Get Them

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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia has been launched with an incredible cast of characters and I am sure that you are extremely curious to find out who they are and especially how to unlock them. The good news about the in-game characters is that they can easily be unlocked for free by completing the in-game chapters, so you will have a ton of fun doing so!

So in today’s article we are going to accomplish two things: check out a complete list of characters in Dissidia Opera Omnia and also find out how to unlock them all!

There will be more characters added in future updates, while specific events will introduce even more of them… but until then, we will have to do with what’s being offered by Square Enix and be happy. Because we have a ton of reasons to be happy.

So without further ado, here is the complete list of Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia characters and how to unlock the Dissidia Opera Omnia characters ASAP:

Initial characters

– Warrior of Light
– Vivi
– Rem

Characters you can unlock in Chapter 1 (Story or side quests):

– Sazh
– Tifa
– Cloud
– Hope
– Y’shtola

As you can see, Square Enix gives us some of the best known characters and fan favorites early on in the game. But there are even more surprises incoming, so you’ve got to keep on playing to unlock them all!

Characters you can unlock in Chapter 2 (Story or side quests):

– Zidane
– Dark Cecil
– Yda
– Vaan

Characters you can unlock in Chapter 3 (Story or side quests):

– Yuffie
– Yuna
– King
– Bartz

Characters you can unlock in Chapter 4 (Story or side quests):

– Penelo
– Terra
– Edge
– Yang
– Onion Knight

Characters you can unlock in Chapter 5 (Story or side quests):

– Firion
– Laguna
– Steiner
– Shadow

These would be all the characters available in DissidiaFFOO at the moment. Did we miss any? Help us complete this list by sharing details about extra characters that are available in the game and how to get them.

The good news is that the Japanese version of Dissidia Opera Omnia has even more characters that can be unlocked in chapters that are not available in the global version of the game. Among them, we’ve seen Galuf, Wakka, Shantotto, Layle, Zell, Vincent and much, much more.

So we can only hope that these new chapters will make their way to the game soon and we’ll be able to build a true dream team of our most favorite characters in the game. But even until that happens, we still have a ton to choose from and I am sure you can create some awesome teams anyway!


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