Slam Dunk Real Basketball Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Build a Winning Team

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Slam Dunk Real Basketball  aka Real Basketball: Slam Dunk is a really fun basketball game developed for the Android platform. And we’re here to help you win all matches easily and build a super team by sharing some Slam Dunk Real Basketball cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide.

The game looks much better in the images on the Google Play Store than in reality and even though the AI doesn’t really pose a threat, it’s always fun to win and play with your favorite players. There are some mechanics that you have to focus on in order to keep winning and we’ve got them all covered in today’s article.

So let’s check out some Slam Dunk Real Basketball tips and tricks below!

Focus on improving your favorite team
Each team in the game has a rating and you should definitely focus on playing with the team that has the higher rating, because that gives you the better players and better chances to win.

Also, you can buy coach upgrades and level that team up in order to make it even better. But the coach upgrades don’t carry over to another team, so you have to invest wisely.

And since it’s extremely expensive to purchase all those upgrades, I recommend sticking to a team that you really like, one that is of a higher rarity level in order to win easily and keep upgrading it until you have a better option (if ever).

Winning the games easily
Since the AI in Real Basketball: Slam Dunk is not that amazing, you can go for a few tricks that will help you win the games easily:

1. Take advantage of the stealing capabilities of your PG. In other words, stick near the player that will receive the ball when the opponent restarts the game after you scored against them and steal it. There are high chances that you will achieve that over and over again.

2. For that reason, focus on upgrading your PG or the player that you will use mostly to score in the game. This way, his stealing stats increase and everything becomes even easier to exploit.

3. Use your star player only and slam! It’s really easy to simply get the ball to your star player and roam around the court for a bit until you create an opening. Then launch towards the rim and slam dunk – this way, you get the guaranteed points and might even get some extra goodies as rewards for dunking often. It’s really easy to do.

The other stuff
There are multiple challenges in the game and you should try to play everything in order to make sure that you get all the resources that you need. Once you have your favorite team unlocked, stop investing in team packs and focus on the coach cards instead. This way, you will get your team better and better.

Only after you max out the coaches, start buying the packs once more in order to get enough team tokens to start upgrading your team again and leveling it up. It really pays to only focus on a single team as you will turn it into a team of superstars in no time!

Also, there are rewards you can get for staying logged in to the game for specific amounts of time, ads to be watched in order to receive some premium currency and achievements to complete.

Make sure that you do all these in order to boost your way through the packs and get the top teams early on so that you don’t have to start over when it comes to spending the money.

These would be our Real Basketball: Slam Dunk tips and tricks for today. Make sure that you follow the advice that we’ve offered and you’ll win match after match without a problem.


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