Stickman Soccer 18 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

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Stickman Soccer 2018 is not the easiest arcade soccer game available on mobile, but it still is fun to play. Especially for those who have played the previous iterations, Djinnworks’ new game will definitely look good and feel good. And we’re here to make it even better by sharing some Stickman Soccer 2018 cheats and tips.

The truth is that the game should be taken in one step at a time and a ton of grinding is required for you to build an amazing team that stands a chance against the best of the best. But there’s nothing a bit of practice won’t do, so let’s get straight to that!

In other words, let’s check out below some Stickman Soccer 18 tips and tricks!

Start with the easy mode
I usually consider myself a solid gamer, no matter what type of game I play. So I rarely go with anything under the Normal game mode, usually more difficult from the start.

Well, Stickman Soccer 18 proved that I should reconsider my strategy. Even on normal, even playing against teams that were weaker than mine, I had trouble even securing a draw which gets frustrating extremely fast.

The AI in the game is extremely smart. Or somehow overpowered, as your goalkeeper seems to be Dumb and Dumber’s kid, while the opponent’s goalkeeper seems to be Spiderman’s sibling.

Either way, the point is this: start playing on easy in order to secure those wins, pile up on the gold coins and hone your skills. Then, gradually go up the difficulty modes in order to improve your earnings and become a better player.

How to Hold on to a result
If you’re one goal ahead and you want to hold on to a result, the easiest method to do so is to keep passing the ball up and down in your own half. On most occasions, the AI won’t try to press you up too much and you should be fine.

There will usually be a single opponent pressing, so you should do well passing up and down, but have in mind that there’s a risk of losing the ball and your victory. But sometimes even a draw is better than nothing!

Play a simple game
Stickman Soccer 18 is not a complex game with many possible moves on your side, with tactics and great uses for skilled players. No, this is an arcade game that is designed to be fast paced and entertaining.

So don’t over-complicate things! Play a simple game instead: pass to a free player (usually towards the flanks), hold onto a ball until another player from your team goes forward, wait for them to be in an open position, pass the ball, shoot and score.

Try to shoot with your strikers as they have the best skills when it comes to scoring and play a slightly patient game as there’s usually no way to get past an opponent in an 1 vs 1 match-up.

Charge your shots & passes
Don’t forget that if you tap and hold the shoot or pass button, you will either shoot or pass with more power. The former is usually extremely useful, as it helps you score more goals and allows you to get in some good shots from a distance.

And since we’re talking about shooting, it appears that the best positions to score are from a slight angle. So always try to find that position and not take shots when you’re on a vertical line with the goal.

Improve your team & players
You will want to buy various player upgrades in order to make your team better and have more chances to win your next match.

You can buy upgrades directly from the team menu and improve specific players (simply tap on the player in your squad you want to upgrade and you can get a skill boost for them), or buy any of the existing packs in the store.

Pick a team and stick to it
The best bet you have when playing Stickman Soccer 2018 is to pick a team and stick to it. The player upgrades that you get, as well as the special players are only for a specific team.

In other words, if you buy upgrades for players in Germany’s team, if you choose a different team, the upgrades won’t transfer there.

And since these player upgrades are so expensive, it’s obviously best to choose your favorite club team and national team and focus on making them much better.

Switch those jerseys!
This is something that I overlooked early on and made my job a lot more difficult. Make sure that you look at the jerseys each team will wear before starting the match, otherwise you risk starting a game with nearly identical jerseys, which will make it a lot more difficult for you to be able to tell your players from the opponent’s.

Grid on the easy victories
You need a ton of money in the game and you should try to get them as fast and easy as possible. The obvious way is to choose the easy game mode and play over and over again the shortest matches in order to boost your income.

But once you get a bit better and your favorite team is already boosted a lot, you can start playing quick matches on normal or even more difficult settings. Choose a very weak team, defeat it, rinse and repeat.

Another easy way to make a lot of money relatively easy is to choose one of the special game modes available, like the Russia 2018 World Cup. Pick a very strong team and go as far as possible – if you manage to win the competition, you will also earn a ton of money!

These would be, for now, our Stickman Soccer 2018 tips and tricks. If you have some other strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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