Satisdom Level 1 – Level 25 Answers

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Here I am with the answers you needed for Satisdom Level 1 to Level 25. This game has anti-stress and satisfying puzzles, sorting, tidying, funny toys, cute things, and more.

Have a look at all the answers below to help you finish all the levels. This game is meant to relax you and not get frustrated not finding the answers you need.

Satisdom Level 1 Answer

Answer: Tap the switch.

Satisdom Level 2 Answer

Answer: Swipe your finger on the window to clean it.

Satisdom Level 3 Answer

Answer: Drag the dolls from short to tall, from left to right.

Satisdom Level 4 Answer

Answer: Put the compress over her head to make her fever go down.

Satisdom Level 5 Answer

Answer: Move the letter down to reveal the stamp, then put the stamp on the letter in its spot.

Satisdom Level 6 Answer

Answer: Pair the socks, so none is left without their match

Satisdom Level 7 Answer

Answer: Remove the cucumber and the face mask.

Satisdom Level 8 Answer

Answer: Put each painting in the correct spot that matches the frame size and shape.

Satisdom Level 9 Answer

Answer: Put the little hammer over the nail and then repeatedly hammer it down with the big one until the nail is fully immersed.

Satisdom Level 10 Answer

Answer: Unroll the toilet paper roll all the way to the cylinder.

Satisdom Level 11 Answer

Answer: Rotate the cap to match the yellow markings.

Satisdom Level 12 Answer

Answer: Plug in the TV and press the remote control to turn it on.

Satisdom Level 13 Answer

Answer: Light up all the candles.

Satisdom Level 14 Answer

Answer: Send the ball to the tiles to make the duck fall down.

Satisdom Level 15 Answer

Answer: Close up all the drawers to find the cat.

Satisdom Level 16 Answer

Answer: Pour the juice into both glasses equally.

Satisdom Level 17 Answer

Answer: Switch all the buttons to green.

Satisdom Level 18 Answer

Answer: Remove the 50% sale tag.

Satisdom Level 19 Answer

Answer: Put all the items in their spots.

Satisdom Level 20 Answer

Answer: Give the dog a full haircut.

Satisdom Level 21 Answer

Answer: Clean up the entire floor with the vacuum.

Satisdom Level 22 Answer

Answer: Put all the butterflies in their place.

Satisdom Level 22 Answer Butterflies

Satisdom Level 23 Answer

Answer: Take off all the stickers, dragging them by the small unglued side.

Satisdom Level 24 Answer

Answer: Keep your finger pressed on the toothpaste to squeeze it on the toothbrush.

Satisdom Level 25 Answer

Answer: Put the Captain America shield back together.

Keep playing to reveal more satisfying levels that help you relax and pass the time.


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