Legendary Tales 3 Walkthrough – Chapter 2 – 3rd and 4th Task

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This is the walkthrough for our mystery game Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Little Red Riding Hood – 3rd and 4th task. This will help you solve all the puzzles.

Here you’ll find all the answers for all the mini-games and puzzles, within this adventure game. Discover stories, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests, as you explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets.

Follow closely the walkthrough for Little Red Riding Hood Chapter 2 of Legendary Tales 3, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in this magical fairytale.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Little Red Riding Hood Walkthrough

Task 3 – Repair the Crossing

Even the long way to Grandmother’s house is blocked. I need to fix the river crossing. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get to her.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 3 - River
  • Look at the tree right next to the water and get the chip (1/4)
  • Check the boat on the right and find all 15 fish.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 3 - Boat
  • To get the iced fish by the hole in the water, you need to use that sharp spike to crave it out of the ice.
  • To open the crate you need to find all three symbols and put them on the lid.
  • You’ll find a fish inside and one on the note nearby.
  • You’ll find a hammer here.
  • Go to the tree stump by the water, and use the chisel and the hammer to get to the emerald.
  • Go to the house and talk to the boy.

Task 4 – Release the Boy

Somewhere in the cave lies the key to the basement. I need to find it and open the door.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 3 - House
  • Take the board (3/4) from in front of his grate.
  • Look in the barrel to the right and take some resin.
  • Use the knife to cut off some meat from next to the stove.
  • Go by the well on the left, take a board (4/4)
  • Use the hammer to get the handle.
  • Look at the ladder on the right side of the house and use the hammer to take it.
  • Use the map to get to the Witch Forest where the owl is.
  • Give it the meat, so after it leaves you can get the last figurine (3/3)
  • Go to Mira’s house, to the bedroom, and use the 3 figurines above the purple drapes.
  • Look at the three images and find and select ten pairs of identical objects.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 3 - Mira Bedroom
  • Get the flint and steel and go back to the Hunter’s dwelling.
  • Go to the stove, set the cauldron on it, the resin inside, use the flint and steel on the sticks underneath, and put the pile of firewood to get it bigger.
  • Make the torch by using the knife to cut the old cloth, and put the new cloth from your inventory.
  • Dip the torch into the melted resin and light it up.
  • Go to the spider cave and use the torch on the left gates, where you initially find it.
  • You can go inside and play the hidden objects game.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 3 - Cave Hidden Objects
  • Once you find the key and the oil you can open the chest and swap the tiles to recreate a symbol you have seen behind the tarp that covered the oil.
  • It’s a mirrored G letter, and here you’ll find a picture part
  • Sharpen the dagger on the stone before taking it, then use it on the rope that ties the door in the floor.
  • Use the mug to take some snow then go over to the candle to melt it.
  • Put salt in the water and then pour it over the ice.
  • Use the peg to get the second picture part.
  • Put both pieces under the bear and take the key.
  • Go to the house and use the key to open the door to get inside.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 4 - Inside the House
  • Go to the bear and put the emerald in his necklace.
  • Take the wooden bear and go to the drawer on the left.
  • Use the broom to clean the spider web and take the wooden deer.
  • Go to the skull on the table and put the beak from your inventory here (count the bullets)
  • Look under the rug fur on the floor take the wooden eagle
  • Solve the puzzle on the floor by raising or lowering cards so that the number of symbols in the center is correct, according to clues.
  • Count the same objects you seen around this room:
    • 7 traps
    • 9 bullets
    • 5 arrows
  • First and last card is all the way down.
  • Second and second to last only slid down once.
  • Middle stays put.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 4 - Basement Puzzle
  • You opened the basement door, saved the boy, and found a wooden wolf.
  • Check the log over the fireplace and put all the wooden animal figurines you found.
  • Take the crossbow bolts and the stained glass.
  • Go to the water and check the river crossing platform.
  • Fix the mechanism with the bolts, fix them with the hammer, then use the handle.
  • Put the 4 boards to fix the platform and get over the river.

Now that we finished two more tasks it’s time we move forward to solve more in our next walkthrough. Stand by for more articles for Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2.

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