Rise of Kingdoms Commander Star Upgrade Guide: Materials & Luck Explained

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Once your commander in Rise of Kingdoms (formerly Rise of Civilizations) reaches the maximum level for its star rating, you can star them up by using materials.

When doing so, you will basically give your Commander an extra star, allowing them to level up even further.

But how to increase the star rating of your commanders in RoK? What are materials and what materials to use and most importantly: what is that luck percentage when upgrading commanders?

These are the questions we’re going to answer in today’s guide to upgrading Commanders in the game.

How to increase the star rating of your commanders?

All commanders in Rise of Kingdoms start with one star. This allows them to gather experience and level up all the way to level 10. Once they hit that level cap, you can start them up if you want to.

When increasing their star rating, you basically give them 10 extra levels to work on, therefore making them stronger.

rise of kingdoms commander star up

When starring up your commanders, you also unlock a new Skill that can be improved randomly when a new level is gained.

These skills vary from commander to commander, but are usually offering great boosts overall, further specializing your commanders.

So, all in all, it is a good idea to increase the star ratings of your commanders – especially those that are most useful in battles and in the game for you.

Remember that this is a lengthy process, so you should focus on your top commanders at first and only afterwards – if you have enough resources left, move on to other commanders.

What materials to use when increasing stars for your commander?

When working to star them up, you will be allowed to use the starlight sculptures in your inventory, but also any commander sculptures that you have in your inventory.

Basically, all the items listed to the right can be used to star up a single commander.

rise of kingdoms el cid

This is a good thing, because you will not want to star up all commanders in the game.

Some are more useful than others and you should only care about the really solid ones – so these are the ones that you should star up.

However, it’s still a great idea to simply use the starlight sculptures first since they really serve no other purpose than that of being used to star up a commander – and usually you will have more than needed.

What is luck when upgrading commanders?

Each sculpture that you use has both an XP gain, as well as a luck percentage modifier. However, few people know what that luck modifier stands for.

The luck percentage shows you how high or low the chance of a “critical” upgrade is with the current items that you use. When a “critical” upgrade is triggered, you simply gain double experience.

This is why it is rarely a good idea to use from your first try items that completely fill up the new star meter.

Even if the luck percentage is low, you still have a chance to trigger the critical and get double experience.

Even more, if you focus on using items with high Luck numbers, your chances of getting the critical increase a lot, so you can get a lot for a little: just by doing a bit of planning.

And I can say that usually, if you’re above 50%, you will get that critical.

And this would wrap up our guide on how to increase the star ratings of Rise of Kingdoms commanders.

I hope that my answers to what is luck in the game and what materials to use were clear enough. If not – or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let me know by posting a comment.


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  1. WOW!! You offered a clear explanation of how luck figures in!! I’m impressed! I can’t remember how many places I looked for such an explanation. I googled asking how luck fit in and despite all the sites indicating they would provide that explanation, all they ever did was gloss over the topic, saying that you got double XP about 60%of the time. And? How? Why? – certainly not much of an explanation!! Did they really think people wouldn’t notice that he’d left it out? I think it only confused me more! So thank you for actually knowing what you’re writing about – instead of trying to fake it! – and for not offering false advertising!! You can bet I’ll be bookmarking this site for future, and often frequent, reference!


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