Pokemon Go: How Much Cellular Data Does It Use?

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Pokemon Go has just been launched and everybody seems to play it right now, but you might be worried that since you have to play it using your cellular data, the costs will be very high. Therefore, I decided to write this article and share with you how much cellular data does Pokemon Go use so that you decide if you can afford to play it or not.

Just a side note, you are not forced to play the game using cellular data: you can play it with the cellular data turned off and relying only on free WiFi, but in this case you will be limited on the locations that you can visit and stuff that you can do in the game. But even though a lot more complicated, this shouldn’t stop you from at least trying the game.

Now back to the main problem: how much data does Pokemon Go use?

The short answer would be: surprisingly little data. Indeed, you would expect for a game that’s as complex as Pokemon Go, which seems to be constantly updating and checking out things around you, to require a lot of cellular data, but it is a game that’s more battery hungry than data-hungry.

For example, in our case, when playing the game for about four hours, it only use about 28 MB of cellular data (and ate almost 80% of the battery). Of course, different aspects come into play when cellular data and battery usage are considered, but you should usually consider that the game doesn’t require a ton of cellular data to run.

Reading various reports after we did our testing, it appears that some users are even luckier, only needing as low as 2MB per hour of play time, as opposed to what we used – 7. But you should expect results to fluctuate and I am sure that ours will go down in the future as well. However, it is safe to assume that you could see Pokemon Go eat up between 1.5 – 10 MB of cellular data per hour.

The best way to check out the actual consumption is to use it for an actual hour and decide for yourself, but have in mind that the actual data usage might vary: you could get an hour of 10MB, and then one of 2. Also, having stuff like automatic updates or other apps running in the background can greatly influence the data you need.

Did you keep an eye on the cellular data usage when playing Pokemon Go? How were your numbers compared to ours? Let us know by commenting below!


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