Pixel People Cheats: Tips & Tricks for Your Cloned Utopia

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The goal in Pixel People (a game I have reviewed here) is to create an utopia of clones that go hand in hand to create even more clones and build up your utopian city.

I am here to share some Pixel People tips and tricks that will hopefully help drive your civilization of clones up and unlock all the professions in no time.

Of course, that’s not exactly possible, but if you have some questions about the game, this Pixel People cheats article will hopefully answer them all.

Don’t ignore the hearts!
Hearts pop up every now and then in your homes, and you should not ignore them!

Indeed, it’s a pretty tedious and irritating job to tap and hold until the “love” meter is full, but once it is you will get a “Surprise” – often, it consists in a load of coins that help you progress faster (so when you get 50,000 free coins, you won’t be upset that you tapped and held your finger on those little hearts!)

How to find new professions
You do so by mixing DNA samples at your Arrival Center. If you have enough homes built (with free spaces), you will get new people that can be “Spliced up”: simply combine two types of DNA and a new job will appear.

The good thing is that professions that can be mixed will be lit up and you also have a vial between the two jobs that you are mixing, telling you what you will get: you should go after pink, because that means a new job!

How to build more structures in your city
Unlike other city building games, Pixel People has a different approach: you can only spend money to build Residences and decorations (which are highly useless) and coin-producing structures will come when you find a new job.

So the only way to get new buildings in the game is to keep researching and mixing.

EXTRA TIP: You will see, when a new match is about to be made, the announcement that you need 1 to 4 tiles of land. This is an obvious way to know that you will also spawn a brand new building!

Can you remove a clone you don’t want?
If somehow the result was not one that you wanted, you can indeed remove a clone by selecting the green recycle bin icon near their name – they will be sent back to splicing and you an try a new combination!

Keep on playing!
Unlike most other games of this kind, Pixel People has no energy limits and time limits, so you should keep playing until you have no more battery left in your phone. There’s no reason to stop and return after 24 hours – you get no bonuses for that!

How to get more Utopium?
Utopium is the premium currency of the game and you can obtain it for free in a multitude of ways, even though the occurrence of actually getting this Utopium is pretty low: complete the heart meter and you might win some Utopium, keep tapping the trees and you will sometimes get it & complete achievements to unlock some extra Utopium. If you are in a real need of more, just purchase some!

These are the tips and tricks that should help you get more out of Pixel People on your iOS device. We also have a guide for all the job combinations in the game, so make sure to check that out as well if you need additional help.


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