Nevertales: Faryon Walkthrough

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Come with me on another adventure and let us explore Nevertales: Faryon in this walkthrough that holds all the answers you need to finish the game

Engage your sense of observation to find all hidden objects. Navigate through beautiful mini-games, and brainteasers, solve remarkable puzzles, and collect concealed clues in this charming game.

Nevertales: Faryon Walkthrough

  • After you open the door to your mom’s house with the spare key, go inside to search for clues.
Nevertales - Faryon Walkthrough Mom's home
  • Check out her home phone, and the messages on it.
  • Move the photo of you two to the side and take the waterwheel piece.
  • Remove the card from the flowers and take the vase.
  • Check the suitcase on the floor, remove the phone and take the plaque.
  • To the right, next to the window, there’s a note on the table with a list.
  • One of the points said to fix the Zen garden.
  • Take the incomplete wheel from the Zen garden, look at it in your inventory, and add the waterwheel, then add the water from the vase.
  • Put the waterwheel on the Zen garden, and the plaque to see the message and be transported somewhere else.
  • Cover the empty spaces with the right flowers, in the right order:
    • blue flower, purple, green, two pink, one pink lily, and yellow.

To be continued….


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