Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1

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This walkthrough will help you solve all the puzzles and mysteries in the 1st Case of this Mystery Detective Adventure game.

A Hidden Objects adventure game featuring numerous minigames and puzzles, interesting characters, and challenging missions, where you will be tasked with solving three cases in succession.

Three distinct towns, each with its own inhabitants. Three unsettling things happened. You’ll be able to solve them and find the criminals without a doubt if you follow all the steps in this walkthrough.

Mystery Detective Adventure Case 1 Walkthrough

Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Farmer

Troubles on the farm: A farmer reports mystical happenings on his land. Who disturbs his peace?

  • On the first window, you’ll find some beast scratches (evidence 1/7)
  • There’s a barrel in the back next to the chicken coop, take the key from inside.
  • Use it to open the chicken coop and find beast tracks (evidence 2/7) and a broken board (evidence 3/7)
  • Go look at the dog house and take the boards next to it.
  • You’ll also find a scared dog (evidence 4/7)
  • Go inside the house now to talk with the farmer’s wife.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Farmer House
  • Take the rope from the chest to the left.
  • Go to the stove in the corner, and take the ladle and the pincers.
  • Put your suitcase on the desk and open it.
  • Take the lighter, and knife from it, and put the microscope and bottle on the desk.
  • Go outside and look at the ladder on the ground.
  • Fix it by using the boards and the rope.
  • Put the ladder on the side of the house to reach its roof and check it out.
  • Take the pouch and find the roof traces (evidence 5/7)
  • Open the pouch with the knife and take the flower (1/7)
  • Use the pincers to take the beast claw (evidence 6/7) out from the window.
  • And use the knife to get that green substance sample.
  • Go inside and put the ladle on the desk, then add the substance inside.
  • Take the ladle and put it on the stove.
  • This will give you your last evidence, strange colored blood (evidence 7/7)
  • Go tell the farmer what you found and he’ll give you a door knocker.
  • Use it on the gates in the back and solve the puzzle by putting each color in the right corner to open them.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Dead Fields
  • Look at the tree trunk and use the knife to cut the vines and take the chest.
  • Pick the left path to find the last buildings of the settlement.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Settlement
  • Tap the bird on the left and check the house in the back.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Settlement House
  • Look at the big log and remove the broken blade.
  • Go to the wood log on the right and take the valve (1/2).
  • Now go back to the Dead Fields and take the right path to the small town.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Small Town
  • Look at the cart on the left and use the knife to cut open the green fabric.
  • Take the tongs next to the chest then go to the boar on the right.
  • Take the shovel first and look at the notes.
  • Go inside the cult building on the right.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Cult Building
  • You can look at the book on the altar and then take the lampada.
  • Go out in the streets again.
  • Look at the tree behind the board and take the flower (2/7) and an apple.
  • Look at the bush next to the board, use the knife to cut through and take the sagebrush then take the valve (2/2)
  • Go inside the cult building again and use the two valves on the door to the right.
  • Make sure all the golden liquid goes to the middle section.
  • Go through the door and up the stairs.
  • Use the tongs in the middle of the blue fires to get the handle.
  • Use the Lampada to light the candle inside from the blue fire.
  • Go back down and to the farmhouse to get your tweezers from your suitcase.
  • Now come back here and look to the right of the blue fire in the crack in the stone.
  • Use the tweezers to take the flower (3/7) from the crack.
  • Go to the crossroad where the fallen totem lies and use the shovel to dig underneath.
  • Take the flowers (4/7) then pick up the totem to stand in the hole.
  • Bury the base back so the totem stands upright.
  • Use the handle on the door of the tower and go up to look over the field.
  • You’ll find new evidence, dead harvest (evidence 1/2)
  • Go back to the farmhouse and take the vial from your suitcase.
  • Then go back to the crops and take a sample in the vial.
  • Go to the farmhouse with the soil sample and examine it on the desk.
  • You’ll find a herbicide sample (evidence 2/2)
  • Go outside and talk to the farmer and after that go to his wife to ask for some cinnamon.
  • Go to the settlement area (in the Mysterious forest) and take some crocuses flowers next to the fallen tree, and the key part from under them.
  • Go to the farm house and use the key part on the locked door of the barn in the back.
  • Arrange the green symbols to correspond with the red ones above.
  • The symbols aren’t in the same order, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with this puzzle.
  • Once inside you’ll need to find 15 spikelets.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Farm Spikelets
  • Take the wheat basket and put the apple, the cinnamon, the sagebrush, and the crocuses inside.
  • Take the offering to the totem and put it in front of w with the lit lampada.
  • Go to the cult building an talk to the cleric.
  • He’ll give you an amulet for protection.
  • Go to the abandoned settlement and use the amulet on the chest to the right, inside the hut.
  • Solve the puzzle by moving each piece in its place.
  • Take the ax and use it on the roots to the right to find a flower (5/7).
  • Then use it on the tree trunk to get to the red bundle.
  • Open the bundle to find a statuette and a handle.
  • Go inside the house and use the ax to cut some firewood.
  • Take the crowbar from under the logs, use it on the box to the right, and take the gear.
  • Go to the town center and use the ax to open the well.
  • Take another statuette from the bucket.
  • Use the crowbar to open the chest inside the cart.
  • Take the saw and go back to the house with the woodcutter.
  • Put the new saw on the machine, then put the handle on, and open the panel on the side.
  • Take the broken gear and put the new gear in its place.
  • Add the firewood to the stove, then some sawdust from the side, and use the lighter to set it on fire.
  • Pull down the handle so it cuts through the big log and take the boards.
  • Take some nails from the box to the right and go to the broken bridge.
  • Use the boards, nails, and the ax, to fix the bridge and pass on the other side.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Mill
  • The weird shape on the right is a lightning strike (evidence 1/4)
  • Go to the hut on the left and move the cloth to get to the chain.
  • Go closer to the mill and use the chain to lift the bean that is blocking the basement entry.
  • Go down into the basement and look around.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Mill Basement
  • On the ground is the miller’s body (evidence 2/4)
  • Look in the cages and find some animal fur (evidence 3/4)
  • By the miller’s body, there’s a key and a code to the safe 728.
  • Use the key to open the big cell in the corner and take the brush.
  • Go back to the cage where you found animal fur and use the brush on the wall to find another code: 763
  • Go to the safe and enter that code: 728763 (make sure you do both counterclockwise and clockwise)
  • You’ll find a key and documents (evidence 4/4)
  • Use the key to open the chest in your inventory.
  • Solve the puzzle to open the chest by switching the pieces around so they match the circles on the sides.
  • Take the dog figurine when the box opens and go to talk to the farmer again.
  • Go to Town Center and to the gates that go to the Count’s Estate.
  • Put the dog figurine on the gate to open it and walk to the mansion.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Count's Estate
  • Check out the faucet by the fountain to find that green blood (evidence 1/12)
  • Use the crowbar to open the grate and take the screwdriver and the insignia (1/5)
  • Another insignia (2/5) is on the statue, and another one is by the red flowers on the left (3/5).
  • Use the screwdriver on the flower (6/7) on the bench.
  • Now you can go inside the mansion to talk to the count.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Mansion
  • Look above the fireplace and take another insignia (4/5)
  • In front of the glass cabinet, there’s the last insignia (5/5)
  • Take a look at the coffee table, read the newspaper, and take the flower (7/7) from under it.
  • Look inside the fireplace, move the coals with the fire iron, and take the orange stone.
  • Move up the stairs to the door and use the five insignias to open it by clicking and opening all the books.
    • Whichever you tap it will open or close the ones above, under, left, and right from it.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Library
  • Look at the symbols on the bottom of the picture to your right and remember them.
  • Look at the glass case underneath and use the knife to pry the latch open.
  • Take the star and the statuette, then click the box and find all the symbols shown.
  • To read the invisible ink use the lighter and remember the symbols shown.
  • Go to the farmhouse and look at the box on the shelf above the stove.
  • Put all the flowers on the lid to open it.
  • Take the statuette from the inside.
  • Go outside the count’s estate and put all the statuettes on the gargoyle fountain.
  • It will open up and give you a puzzle to solve by arranging the symbols as they are drawn underneath.
  • When you’re done, check out the other gargoyle and take the stucco molding at the base.
  • Go to the library and use it on the third candle holder above the shelves.
  • The symbols in the grandfather’s journal will tell you how to position each molding of each candle holder.
  • After you do that a secret safe will show up.
  • Use the star on it then solve the puzzle to open it.
  • The numbers need to add up and form the Roman numbers underneath.
  • A passage to a secret room will open up for you.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Mansion Secret Room
  • The painting in front has a set of symbols at the bottom, an you need to go to the grandfather’s painting to know the right code.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Painting symbols
  • After the painting moves away, you’ll find a clue and you need to go visit all the places on it.
    • The owl is on the stair railing before going to the library. If you tap it, its wings will move out of the way to reveal a symbol.
    • The clock in the library, if you position the arrows like shown in the clue, it will give you another symbol, and give you a lever arm.
    • Use it in the living room area, behind the drapes by the window, to get the chandelier down, and find the third symbol.
  • Go to the Secret room to pick up a few stuff there.
  • The necklace of the dog to your left can be cut with a knife so you find the pendant.
  • Cut the rope that holds the armchair seat and take the red stone from the tube.
  • Look on the desk and turn the white dog statuette around to open a drawer and give you a key.
  • Open the drawer above the desk with that key.
  • Read the journal inside so you know the path through the forest.
  • Go to the mysterious forest, to the fallen tree in the back, then further into the forest.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Forest
  • Follow the green tree’s path until you reach the bridge.
  • Now start looking through the forest for the 10 cargos.
  • When you’re done, put the weights on the bridge to fix it and pass over.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Ritual
  • The symbols (evidence 1/2) in the ritual circles are part of your investigation and you need to remember them.
  • Use the knife to carve off the moss on the tree with a face on and find the fifth symbol on your clue paper.
  • Check the bag on the ground and take the figurine.
  • Look up on the tree and use a stick from the side to get to the blue stone
  • Go to the carriage and use the crowbar to open its door.
  • You’ll find a key in the bag that you can open the chest in the front.
  • Solve the puzzle lock by pulling the symbols around in their place.
  • Take the pendant from inside and the garden shovel.
  • Go to Count’s estate in the garden and to the pot of flowers on the right.
  • Dig the dirt with the garden shovel to find the 4th symbol on your clue paper.
  • Go to the Town center in the cult’s building and tap on the symbols on the arch in front of you that match the symbols of the ritual circle in the forest.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Ritual symbols
  • After the arch opens up, you need to go to the glass case on the left and use the figurine to open it.
  • Fix the miniature town and put all the objects in their right place.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Miniature Town
  • Take the signet and use it to open the book you found behind the arch.
  • You can read about the ritual (evidence 2/2) and find out more.
  • Go to the Farmhouse, inside, and use the green pendant to open the chest on the left.
  • Take the dog statuette and go to the Count’s Estate, on top of the fireplace.
  • Put the statuette here and take the green stone.
  • Use all the stones on the flower pendant.
  • Go to the mysterious forest and use the flower pendant on the stone chest at the bottom of the tree.
  • Move the 4 stones along the board so they reach their spots on the other side.
  • Follow the video walkthrough below if you need a hand to finish it faster.
  • You’ll find the 6th symbol on your clue paper.
  • Go back to the Count’s estate, inside the library, and use the screwdriver on the first candle holder from the left and you’ll find the 7th and last symbol.
  • Go to the Secret room to the safe in front and use the clue to open it.
  • Combine three symbols from the board to find the right symbols on your clue in the right order.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Safe Symbols
  • Go to the mysterious forest on the ritual site and see what’s blocking the tunnel.
  • Go and talk to the farmer to find out how to get rid of the poison ivy.
  • He’ll give you a key for the storage closet next to the barn where you need to find a big syringe and a lantern.
  • Go inside the house and use the syringe to fill it herbicide sitting on your desk.
  • Go to the Mysterious forest, use the herbicide on the poison ivy, then use the knife to cut through the dead plant.
  • Go inside and use the lantern to see better.
  • Go to the Mill, and to the basement, use the crowbar to open up the crates and take some explosives.
  • Go back to the forest and put the explosive in the tunnel, then light it with your lighter.
  • Use the lantern to see inside again and explore the tunnels.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Mines
  • Use the knife to cut off the rope around the barrels and take it.
  • Look at the barrels to find herbicide batch (evidence 2/12)
  • Look at the workbench on the left and use the rope to tie it to the hook.
  • Use this device to pull down the ladder from the ceiling and climb up.
  • Listen to the Count’s confession and find more evidence against him.
  • The ladder will take you to the Count’s gazebo.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Gazebo
  • Take a closer look at the table and take the ring.
  • Go inside the Count’s home and use the ring to open the glass case next to the fireplace.
  • Take the keys and go to the mines to open the door.
  • Look at the clue on the top left corner and match two pieces from each part to make each figure, then go inside.
Mystery Detective Adventure Walkthrough Case 1 Mine Cell
  • Find boots with paws (evidence 3/12) under the table.
  • Green paint (evidence 4/12) on the table and receipts (evidence 5/12) inside the drawer.
  • To the right of the table, there’s a paw prototype (evidence 6/12) and a claw (evidence 7/12)
  • At the desk, there are land documents (evidence 8/12), and a dog whistle (evidence 9/12)
  • Beside the barrels to the left, there’s an herbicide canister (evidence 10/12)
  • In the corner of the room, there’s an animal face (evidence 11/12) and to the right, there’s an animal cloak (evidence 12/12)

Wrapping up

Here we are finishing his first Case and we can now move on to the second one. It was an exciting journey and I’m glad I was able to help you finish the level faster.

We’ll probably see eachother on my next article for a walkthrough for Mystery Detective Adventure Case 2, or one for another game, depending on what I’ll find next.


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