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With so many toppings to choose from, are you confused about which toppings will bring the best out of the Moon Rabbit Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Do you want to know what toppings combination will earn you easy victories in the arena with this rice cake-loving character?

Released on September 2021, the Moon Rabbit Cookie is one of the Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. She has the characteristics of a healer but can also be used in the frontline battles of the arena.

To utilize her healing capabilities perfectly, you’ll need to use the right topping or the proper combination of toppings.

And in this Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Guide, I’ve prepared a small list of the topping combinations that can win you games in the arena with ease.

Moon Rabbit Cookie Stats

Moon Rabbit Cookie Stats

Before diving into what toppings will strengthen her, let’s take a look at the skills of the Moon Rabbit Cookie.

  • Cooldown Time: 14s.
  • DMG on single hit: 127.9%
  • Self-healing: 160% of ATK

The Moon Rabbit Cookie’s ultimate skill is the “Giant Rice Cake Bunny”, where she turns into an enormous form of her favorite Rice Cake. She increases the health of allies with every enemy killed while also dealing small damage.

She provides healing to all teammates whenever a cookie is killed in the arena battles; sometimes, as high as 253.0%! As long as your team can kill an enemy, her healing power is even higher than Pure Vanilla!

Apart from that, this character also comes with an amazing ability to restore full health of the teammates in PVE if a certain target is eliminated within 10 seconds.

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Guide

From the Bouncy Caramel topping to the Sweet Candy topping, you can create several topping combinations for the Moon Rabbit Cookie.

Keeping her abilities in mind and depending on the state of your team, I think the following toppings will be the best for your Moon Rabbit Cookie.

5 Solid Almond Toppings

Solid Almond Toppings

The Solid Almond toppings provide enormous protection from enemy attacks and resists damage.

If you want to play the Moon Rabbit Cookie as a tank for your defense, 5 Solid Almond toppings will give her the perfect abilities, letting her stay alive longer throughout the battle through damage protection and healing allies constantly.

3 Swift Chocolate and 2 Solid Almond OR 2 Swift Chocolate and 3 Solid Almond Toppings

If you’re facing very aggressive opponents and you want the Giant Rice Cake Bunny in a shorter time, combining Swift Chocolate toppings with Solid Almond toppings can be your best option.

The Swift Chocolate toppings will decrease the cooldown time into as low as 10 seconds, so you can use the ultimate skill more often during the battles.

The combination with Solid Almond lets Moon Rabbit Cookie stay alive longer while being able to use the ultimate skill more times than normal.

Swift Chocolate topping

5 Searing Raspberry Toppings

If you’re looking to go all out and play aggressively, the Searing Raspberry toppings will raise the attacking levels of the Cookie.

Since she’s more of a defensive character, Moon Rabbit Cookie doesn’t come with huge attacking power like the other Epic cookies.

Therefore, implementing 5 Searing Raspberry toppings will considerably increase the damage dealt.

However, she can be easily taken down since there’s no protection from damage and the allies may not receive any healing.

3 Searing Raspberries and 2 Solid Almond OR 2 Searing Raspberries and 3 Solid Almond Toppings

If the cooldown time doesn’t bother you, a very attacking combination of Searing Raspberries and Solid Almond toppings can be very dangerous for opponents!

While the attacking levels may not be as high as 5 Searing Raspberry toppings, this combination will still give the Moon Rabbit Cookie great potential to attack while also being able to live longer!

Searing Raspberries

How to Choose the Right topping for the Moon Rabbit Cookie

The toppings you should go for should really depend upon your playing style and the other cookies in your team.

If you already have a, let’s say, Purple Vanilla, you may consider using the 5 Searing Raspberry toppings since you have the support of another healer in the team.

If there’s no other healer in the team, it’s important for Moon Rabbit Cookie to stay alive as long as possible.

Solid Almond toppings, preferably in a combination with Searing Raspberries, is quite necessary for situations like these.

She can easily heal your Sorbet Shark and Sea Fairy cookies and aid them in attacks for a longer time, taking down the enemies faster.

Wrapping Up

Moon Rabbit Cookie can be an amazing addition to your team if you’re in need of a healer or even a tank.

Her abilities can be maximized using the right kind of toppings and this is exactly what I opted for in this article.

These toppings, in my opinion, are perfect for this adorable Cookie and wonders can be achieved using it. If you think I missed out on a key combination of toppings or you have another brilliant idea in your mind, feel free to share in the comments down below!


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