Magic Academy: The New Adventure Walkthrough Level 21 – Level 30

We’re back with a new article in our series for the complete walkthrough of the amazing Magic Academy: The New Adventure. The puzzles are now starting to get more and more difficult, and you’re probably wondering what you have to do to pass them. And we’re here to help with the Magic Academy: The New Adventure walkthrough for levels 21 to 30.

Don’t forget that, if you got here by mistake, we have also published a walkthrough for the previous 20 levels here. We’ll also have a link to the next set of levels at the bottom of this article.

But until we get there, let’s just focus on what we’re here to solve: 10 new levels in the game. So without further ado, here is the Magic Academy: The New Adventure solution to levels 21 to level 30!

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 21 Walkthrough

Tap the top of the telescope, so that the lens drops.

Pick it up and drag it over the small planets on the wall around the door. When you hover over a planet, a number will be shown: that’s the code you need, from left to right. In my case, it was 3789.

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 22 Walkthrough

The clock’s hand is well hidden somewhere towards to bottom right area of the door’s frame:

Pick it up and place it over the clock. Then, start rotating clockwise until the key appears in the tree and then drops – use it to exit.

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 23 Walkthrough

Tap the bag to drop the stones, then drag them over the candle.

Tap the pumpking to turn it around, then drag the candle inside. Then tap the pumpkin again so that it lights up the door and reveals the key hole. Drag the key from the shelf over the door to exit.

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 24 Walkthrough

Hidden behind the fountain, there is a fishing rod – tap it’s side and it will be placed above the fountain.

Tap the painting above the door to remove it, then drag the hook that was holding it over the fishing rod.

Tap the green button on the fountain, then drag the fishing rod over the fountain to get the key. Use it to exit.

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 25 Walkthrough

The idea in this game is to tap the buttons with snakes on them in the correct order. The next button you have to touch is indicated by the direction the snake’s head is facing.

Always start with the bottom left one (the green snake) and take it from there all the way to the end).

Here’s a photo with the correct order in case you have problems with this puzzle:

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 26 Walkthrough

Tap the item barely visible at the bottom right of the chimney to reveal the yellow thing.

Tap the door at the bottom and tap arrow buttons in the correct order, to take the liquid from yellow to red: left arrow once, right arrow once. Get the key and exit.

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 27 Walkthrough

Tap the scroll on the middle of the door, then tap each symbol you want to place in the middle and finally tap the correct arrow, to move them left or right:

Basically, all you have to do is to move all the symbols from the left to the right, and those from the right to the left. Once you are done, tap the button and exit!

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 28 Walkthrough

You need to tap the handles of the swords in the correct order to open them door: bottom right and then middle right. That’s it!

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 29 Walkthrough

Drag the cork on the dresser to the right bottle, then shake your device for a bit. Remove the cork and if you’ve shaken the device well enough, some bubbles will pop out of the bottle.

The top bubble holds a key – tap it to drop the key and use it to exit.

Magic Academy: The New Adventure Level 30 Walkthrough

Pay attention to the order in which the objects in the room move, then tap them in the same order:

1: Table cloth, Chicken, Chair.

2. Chicken, Crystal Ball, Photo frame on the shelf, Top left curtain and playing cards.

3. Table cloth, Candles on the shelf, Chicken, Top left curtain, playing cards and mirror.

Grab the key and use it to exit the room.

This would be it for now. We’re working hard to crack all the puzzles and escape all the rooms in the game. This means that we’ll soon publish more articles with the rest of the levels, so check back soon for more solutions to the next puzzles!


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