Logo Guess Cheats: Level 16 – Level 30 Answers

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We are back with more answers for Logo Guess, the logo guessing puzzle game that is taking the iOS world by storm and gets us hooked as bad as possible. I am here therefore to share with you the Logo Guess answers (or LogoGuess answers if you prefer the original title writing) for 15 more levels, levels 16 – 30. And yes, these puzzles are really difficult!

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Please remember that the logos in your game will appear in a different order than ours, so make sure to visit all the answers archives to find your word. Now let’s check out the Logo Guess answers for levels 16 – 30 below!

Logo Guess level 16 answer

logoguess level 16 answer

Answer: MC Donalds

Logo Guess level 17 answer

logoguess level 17 answer

Logo: Black letters c and big K
Answer: Calvin Klein

Logo Guess level 18 answer

logoguess level 18 answer

Logo: Two letter Cs
Answer: Chanel

Logo Guess level 19 answer

logoguess level 19 answer

Logo: A blue V with yellow top
Answer: Visa

Logo Guess level 20 answer

logoguess level 20 answer

Answer: Warner Bros

Logo Guess level 21 answer

logoguess level 21 answer

Logo: Red letters T and X on brown background
Answer: Twix

Logo Guess level 22 answer

logoguess level 22 answer

Logo: A white scorpion on a red background
Answer: Castelli

Logo Guess level 23 answer

logoguess level 23 answer

Logo: Fox surrounding planet earth
Answer: Firefox

Logo Guess level 24 answer

logoguess level 24 answer

Logo: A lightning bolt over a white circle
Answer: Flash

Logo Guess level 25 answer

logoguess level 25 answer

Logo: Red letters IS
Answer: Isuzu

Logo Guess level 26 answer

logoguess level 26 answer

Logo: A strange red shape
Answer: Unknown. If you know this and other answers maybe, please help! And clearly the 4th letter is I

Logo Guess level 27 answer

Coming soon!

Logo Guess level 28 answer

Coming soon!

Logo Guess level 29 answer

Coming soon!

Logo Guess level 30 answer

Coming soon!

Stay tuned as we’re doing our best to find all the answers and share them with you, so make sure to check back soon if you don’t know the answers. If you do, please help us and all our readers at the same time!


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