Logo Guess Answers: Level 1 – Level 15

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We are here to share with you some answers for Logo Guess, the latest puzzle that gives you bits of logos and challenges you to guess them. Titled LogoGuess: Logo Guess The Word, the game is extremely difficult and makes things even more difficult by adding the randomized effect to all logos, meaning that our order of logs won’t be the same as yours. So it’s tough to guess them all easily, but we are adding photos and descriptions to make things easier for you.

So even if the first few levels will be in the same order as ours, things will soon change and logo guessing will be more difficult. But surely these Logo Guess answers will help, so let’s check out below the LogoGuess answers for the first 15 levels!

Logo Guess Answers: Level 1

logoguess level 01 answer

Logo: White Y on purple circle and exclamation mark
Answer: Yahoo

Logo Guess Answers: Level 2

logoguess level 02 answer

Logo: A red capital C
Answer: Coca Cola

Logo Guess Answers: Level 3

logoguess level 03 answer

Answer: Intel

Logo Guess Answers: Level 4

logoguess level 04 answer

Logo: Black letters “OS”
Answer: Microsoft

Logo Guess Answers: Level 5

logoguess level 05 answer

Answer: Facebook

Logo Guess Answers: Level 6

logoguess level 06 answer

Answer: BMW

Logo Guess Answers: Level 7

logoguess level 07 answer

Answer: Starbucks

Logo Guess Answers: Level 8

logoguess level 08 answer

Logo: A red circle with other red circles inside
Answer: Toyota

Logo Guess Answers: Level 9

logoguess level 09 answer

Logo: A bunny wearing a bow tie

Logo Guess Answers: Level 10

logoguess level 10 answer

Logo: Red letters T M
Answer: Time

Logo Guess Answers: Level 11

logoguess level 11 answer

Logo: Blue letter M with white lines on it
Answer: IBM

Logo Guess Answers: Level 12

logoguess level 12 answer

Logo: A man waving his hand
Answer: Michelin

Logo Guess Answers: Level 13

logoguess level 13 answer

Logo: Blue ears of Mickey Mouse
Answer: Disney Channel

Logo Guess Answers: Level 14

logoguess level 14 answer

Logo: Three black squares
Answer: BBC

Logo Guess Answers: Level 15

logoguess level 15 answer

Logo: A camel
Answer: Camel

And this is it! We have completed the first 15 levels of Logo Guess and we really hope that you found our answers helpful. If you did, don’t forget to share them with your friends and check back soon because we have more answers waiting to be posted here at App Amped!

Update: As promised, we have published more answers for the game, check out the Logo Guess Answers #16 – 30 if you need help!


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