Infection Bio War Cheats: Tips & Tricks for World Domination

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Infection Bio War is a new iOS game that plays a lot like the popular Plague Inc. Following the same concept, the game challenges you to infect the entire world with your deadly disease, alter its genetic background and eventually kill all human beings on Earth. Not the thing your momma would be proud for you to do, but since it’s just a game, it sure is fun!

But it’s also difficult, so we’ve decided to share with you a set of Infection Bio War cheats: tips and tricks that will help you win the game easily and get the most out of it. So if you’re having trouble with any of the stages or unlocking achievements, this article will surely help. So let’s start checking out below the Infection Bio War tips and tricks!

1. Easy mode is your friend
It might not sound like the most fun thing to do, but playing Infection Bio War on easy mode is the way to go: most of the evolutions in the game can be unlocked if you play on the easy difficulty setting, and you should actually unlock them all to maximum levels before tackling the more difficult levels. Why? Well, because it will be easier!

2. Infect, resist, kill
This is the right order for evolving your disease in the game and the best Infection Bio War cheats and tips articles out there fail to say it. Unless you are in a race against the clock to quickly infect a specific region (in which case you should invest everything in Transmission), here is how to win the game: invest in 4 Transmission traits (I prefer both air and water transmission) then forget about this section. As your disease spreads slower or faster, depending on where you started, start working on your Resistance traits. You want them unlocked (or at least the first level) when the search for the Cure starts, so now is the best time to do so. Wait for all countries to be infected – or even better, the entire world population – then start investing heavily in the Sympthoms only, turning your disease lethal as fast as possible. It’s as easy as this!

3. Go slow, go pro
At first I thought that I’m just losing it, but apparently the game rewards you with more DNA points if you play it on normal speed. I know, it’s a real drag and it might be a little bit boring, but those extra DNA points can make a big difference in Normal or Hard modes or when you’re racing to unlock an achievement.

4. Where to start the game?
In Infection Bio War, there are two options when starting the game: normally, you should go for one of the hard to get countries (Greenland or Madagascar – the latter being the most difficult to get to in my opinion). However, if you are trying to unlock a new trait or speed your way through the game, start in countries with a lot of population and both ports and airports: America or Russia are good choices for this case.

5. Popping up some bubbles
Don’t forget to actually pop the DNA or research bubbles that appear on the world map. With the right Evolution selected, you will also get DNA points from Research bubbles – so keep an eye on them and always pop them bubbles.

6. How to get a high score in Infection Bio War
The final score is influenced by a few factors: the level of difficulty, how fast you have killed the world population and how low was the cure research progress. Now it’s up for you to work hard, see what things work for you the best and go for it.

7. Don’t ignore the news pop-ups
Although they are annoying at times because they make you lose some DNA bubbles, the news pop-ups that appear now and then announcing floods, bird migration or other similar stuff are really helpful and should be used to shape your strategy. If heavy bird migration is used, it’s best to invest in that Transmission trait. If warm weather is announced, try to invest in heat resistance or, even better, don’t invest anything in cold resistance.

And these would be for now our Infection Bio War cheats and tips. I really hope that they will help you achieve great things in the game – and don’t forget to share yours if you have any extra ones!


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