Escape Room: The Mist Walkthrough [Chapter 1]

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I’m glad I found this game and that I can share my walkthrough for Escape Room The Mist with you. Today I’ll start with the first chapter and hopefully will help you out.

This creepy looking setting will most likely give you chills down your back. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you solve all the mysteries in this first chapter of Escape Room – The Mist so you can get out of here.

Escape Room: The Mist Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Walkthrough
  • Tap the part of the cabinet next to the open window.
  • Open up the globe and take the wooden figurine from inside (hidden item – Raen).
  • Go to the desk and tap the cup, it will rotate and reveal the word Image written on the desk.
  • Tap that word into the typewriter.
  • You’ll find a paper with tips (1/2)
  • Move over to the area to the right.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Second Room
  • Look closer at the chair in front of the fireplace and under the pillow.
  • Take the paper with tips (2/2) and click on it to open and get a ring.
  • Tap on the plant on the left wall and move it to the side to reveal more family secrets.
  • Tap on the cabinet in the middle of the room and move the top doors to the side to reveal the code 3621.
  • Tap on the metal item with digits underneath and enter that code in.
  • The drawer will open to give you a handle (1/2).
  • Take a look at the cabinet on the far right and tap on the top doors.
  • Move the doors to the right to find a piece of a puzzle (you’ll find it in the achievements)
  • Put the ring in the ring holder and it’ll start to glow and open up a new puzzle for you.
  • Go back to the first area and put the two papers with tips on the reading desks by the window.
  • Now you’ll find the code for the other head silhouette puzzle: 6193
  • Each head is looking towards the number they have.
  • And now you can play a new mini-game.
  • Put the photos in the right order so they connect and reveal a key.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Photo Puzzle
  • Use the key on the far left bottom photo and you’ll find the second handle (2/2)
  • Use the two handles on the cabinet under this photo puzzle.
  • Now you can take the lantern from inside.
  • Tap on it and take the apple.
  • Go to the painting of the hand in the first area and put the apple in that hand.
  • The painting will turn and give you a gear.
  • Use it on the chest under the plant in the next area and turn all 4 gears so the white dots match the ones behind.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Gear Puzzle
  • You’ll find hidden stairs to a secret basement.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Secret Basement
  • Tap on the box on the ground, take a piece of gear next to it.
  • Open the little glass box on the desk and remember the numbers 626.
  • Go put the gear you found on the weird-looking crooked cabinet.
  • Enter that code and take the key and book from inside.
  • Go back to the box on the table and use the key here.
  • Take the spanner and use it on the crooked cabinet on the higher drawers with hexagon screws.
  • Tap on the left wall where the drawing is and move the pieces of lego to help the little boy move around and learn his story further.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Wall Drawing
  • You need more clues to solve the puzzles so go through the door into the dark room.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Behind the Basement
  • Look at the wall next to the door and notice the code there: 1967
  • Take this code to the box on the desk in the room you just left.
  • It will open and ask you to play another mini-game.
  • The symbols on the green puzzle pieces need to match the symbols on the red background.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Hexagon puzzle
  • You’ll get a sculpture (1/3)
  • Go to the room in the back again and check the pile of wood in the middle.
  • Take the wooden round finger from there.
  • Go to the desk and put the wooden finger on the hand there and solve the mini-game.
  • The letters should be:
  • You’ll get a chicken figurine (1/2).
  • On the wall to the right there’s a clock on a cupboard.
  • Turn the wheels so the numbers in the square holes are 25 – 5 – 19 from top to bottom.
  • You’ll find a new book (2/2)
  • Now you can check the bookshelf next to the statue sitting down.
  • Put the books here and play the mini-game as I did in the video below:
  • Take the key you find and go to the weird sculpture next to the wooden hand on the desk.
  • Take out the eyeglass and insert the key there.
  • As it opens you can now get another sculpture (2/3)
  • You can try to open up the chest next to the parrot by remembering the numbers on top of the arrows and look at the note the parrot is holding.
  • Look where 7499879 are on the note.
  • Start with 7 in the middle and then see which way you go to reach 4 and so on.
    • Down – Left – Up – Left – Down – Right
  • Take the hand from inside and another piece of the family crest.
  • Go to the door up the stairs and use the hand to open up the door and enter.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Torture Room
  • Grab the handle and pull, a chest will lower down.
  • To solve this puzzle you need to go to the cardboard box on the floor of the secret basement, where the toys are.
  • The number of sides is the number in the code.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Chest + Cardboard
  • After you open the chest in the Torture Chamber, you’ll find another chicken (2/2) and a rotary switch.
  • Go put the chickens in the crooked cabinet in the play room, and start your mini-game.
  • Take the password disk (1/3) and move over to the room in the back again.
  • And then to the torture room.
  • Look at the bottles on the desk to your left and put them in this order: blue – yellow – red – green
  • You’ll find another password disk (2/3)
  • Take the piece of the family crest next to the bottles and a box.
  • Put the box’ symbols in the order of the geometric figures on the cardboard box.
  • Pay attention to where the letter R is.
  • It will open and give you a sculpture (3/3)
  • Go back in the other room and put the sculpture on the right wall where the clock was.
  • Arrange the sculptures to match the shapes behind them.
  • You’ll find a “tie rods” that you’ll need on the game next to the sitting statue in this room.
  • To solve the Chess mini-game you need to turn the arrows to make a path from the knight to the finish square.
  • To do so you need to turn the board and just click on one square that you want to turn, then turn the board again to be able to rotate the arrow as you please.
  • Here is how I managed to solve this Chess mini-game:
  • You’ll get the last password disk (3/3) that you can use on the elevated chest in the Torture room.
  • To solve the chest you need to put the rotary switch on the shelf in above the desk.
  • Watch the clues and match them with the wooden hand under this device.
    • Red password: middle and bottom letter – DG
    • Blue password: up and middle letter – AE
    • Yellow password: bottom and middle letter – NR
  • Here you’ll find insulation tape.
  • Tap the cable on the floor and put the insulation tape to fix the cable.
  • Another door will open for you, so go through.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Upside-down Room
  • Take a closer look to the cylinder chest in front.
  • Take the ring and the family badge piece.
  • Look at the chest that’s on the ceiling and put the ring there.
  • Solve the mini-game by picking which fraction represents each circle.
    • First is 3/6
    • Second is 1/4
    • Third is 2/6
  • You’ll find a knife after you solve that.
  • Look at the flowers on the pillar and cut one of them, then move the other four to see the letters behind them: MIST
  • Write those letters on the cylindric chest and take the indicator (1/2) inside.
  • Tap on the flower in your inventory and match the petals that look the same.
  • Inside there’s a paper flower with a pointer (1/2) inside.
  • Use the knife to clean off the moss on the right pillar.
  • The painting on the wall is the clue on how to solve the flower puzzle on the cylindric chest.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Upside-down Room Flower pattern
  • Once you solve the gold flowers pattern like this:
    • Top row: hole – flower – hole – hole (left to right)
    • Left column: hole – hole – flower – hole (top to bottom)
    • Bottom row: hole – hole – flower – hole (left to right)
    • Right column: hole – flower – hole – hole (top to bottom)
  • You’ll find another indicator (2/2)
  • Tap the floor in front of the bi painting and put the two indicators there.
  • Tap the indicators in this order to get them all.
Escape Room The Mist Chapter 1 Upside-down Room Indicators pattern
  • You’ll find another pointer (2/2) and the numbers 50:22.
  • You need to go and use the pointers at the clock on the left and set them to point to 22:05
    • Small thick pointer to X
    • Tall thin pointer to I
  • You’ll find a key to use on the chest to the right and take the lantern from inside.
  • Push it again and take the apple and put it in the painting in the back of the room.
  • As the painting turns tap on the wooden arm that reveals on the back.
  • A dagger will pop out and that’s when you meet the old lady again.
  • She’ll take you to the next Chapter.

Wrapping up

The story of Escape Room: The Mist is keeping me hooked to the game. So I’m gonna come back to offer you more walkthroughs with the next chapters.

I hope to see you soon in my next article for Chapter 2 Escape Room: The Mist walkthrough, where I’ll show you how to solve more mini-games.


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