Best World Zombination Team Setup for Zombie Horde / Infected Player

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Selecting a perfect team in World Zombination is the key to victory, but when you have so many options available with so many units, so many skills and possible perks, you might often wonder what’s the best World Zombination team setup for the Zombie Horde / Infected players. I am here to help you find an answer to that question and share with you my ideal setup for the World Zombination zombie / infected team.

First of all, it’s worth noting that there are some generic types of units and they change their name and stats based on the rarity. For example, if I say Spitter, I could also say a Defiler, for example – always choose the rarest and best option because of the higher Team Power rating and better stats. It’s the thing they do that matters – in this case, they’re both long ranged units from the same family.

Now let’s see how by best World Zombination Infected team would look like:

Dr. Zombiwitz: he’s got amazing health and good armor and is an overall solid melee unit that can take a punch or more. I always bring him to battle in my ideal setup.
Infector: I always bring one (just one is enough!) to give me some extra drones in battle and even more options for upgrading them with what I already have.
Biohazard: Although a bit slow, they are extremely useful, especially when it comes to taking out troops behind walls. I always bring one Biohazard with me into battle and am careful about placement.
Titan/Brute: You need units to swallow all the damage and pack some serious punches, and for that I bring a combo of Titan/Brute or something similar. You need some tanks in any setup and they are my main frontliners.
Spitter: I round it all up with two Spitters because ranged units, as I already said, are simply amazing
Bonus member: When it comes to selecting a troop from my clan mates, I usually go for a brute or any type of melee unit. If I feel like going crazy, I go for harbinger or Deliveryman, but I dislike them a lot. Basically, I can fit into my team any type of member, so the highest level usually comes with me.

I know that many people consider the Harbinger an extremely useful unit and I heard that some have managed to be successful with a team of multiple harbingers, but I personally dislike them. They cause a lot of damage but are difficult to handle, they die quickly if left unprotected and take away many of your troops who are there to protect them. So that’s why I don’t like them that much.

Now you know my suggestion for a perfect World Zombination infected team (aka Zombie Horde team). Do you have a different approach? Let us know by commenting below!


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2 thoughts on “Best World Zombination Team Setup for Zombie Horde / Infected Player”

  1. I think the best team should have one assassin and one undertaker. It is hard to find them but if you have them upgrade them and use them as much as you can.

    If you can not find assassins, runner is not bad.


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