World Zombination: Best Team Setup for Survivors

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Opinions vary greatly when it comes to choosing a perfect team lineup for the Survivors faction in World Zombination, but the obvious thing is that some setups are better than the others and I am here to share with you my opinion on what’s the best team setup for the Survivors in World Zombination. I do have a lot of success with this type of team setup an I would consider it my ideal, Team A setup.

Please remember that there are different rarity levels for each type of unit and you should always bring in to battle the highest rarity/highest level that you have simply because of the extra damage and perks that they have.

Machine Gunners: If you were to ask me, I’d go with as many Machine Gunners as possible because they are simply amazing units, but for a generic team for the Survivors, I’ll say that you should go with two.
Surgeon/Sawbones: These troops are extremely useful if you know that you are going to lose troops. I always bring one with me to deal with the damage done by exploding runners – the Surgeon brings back to life the troops you lose and the best part is that they no longer count as troops on your pads, so you can end up having as many as 8-9 troops on one pad! That’s insanely useful!
Lumberjack: You need some strong melee units to draw in the runners and fast troops and to keep your ranged units safe. I usually go with two of them – the higher the rarity, the better. Place them smartly and you’ll have an army resurrected by the Surgeons, they won’t take up space and you’ll fill the extra space with more MGs!
Dead Shot: I always bring a Dead Shot with me – slow but deadly, they can be really useful
Outlaw: You need some great mid-range unit, and the outlaw fills up my team perfectly.
Bonus Unit: I always bring in the highest level troop from my clan mates, but I always prefer to have a Machine Gunner if available. If not, a long ranged unit is my choice (like the Dead Shot) or at least a medium ranged one. Anything else doesn’t help that much!

This is my ideal setup for a full team of World Zombination units. Of course, as you probably know already, it’s best not to send all your troops to battle in order to conserve stamina, but that’s already strategy for the advanced players. And if you are an Infected player, you can check out my recommended setup here.

What is your favorite Survivors team setup in the game? Let us know by commenting below!


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